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June 30, 2013
The Boulting Brothers films aren't very well in North America (nor are they that popular) and it's easy to see why. Their stories are too Cockney. The actors are almost indecipherable, and you just try going along with the story. Much is the case with Brighton Rock. I sort of got the gist of it, but there's a lot of gaps in this. Nevertheless, Richard Attenborough is FANTASTIC in this. He's just SO good, you can't take your eyes off of him, and that's why this movie works.
June 10, 2013
One of the more irritating things people say about books adapted to film is that the book was better. No the book was different, they are different art forms and a film can almost never be faithful to every reader's previsualisation of the novel. However, with Grahame Greene novels, which are so visually and cinematically written, it is possible for film adaptations which are faithful to the themes, meanings and subtext of the literary work. Of course it helps if Graham Greene also co writes the script. A great indeed touching film about how our personal dysfunctions can lead us to choose strange bedfellows
½ March 1, 2013
Richard Attenborough is mesmerising in this British noir thriller with excellent supporting performances from William Hartnell, Hermione Baddeley and Harcourt Williams.
February 28, 2013
For me Richard Attenborough is Santa Claus (as in the remake of Miracle of 34th Street) so feel my doubts about him being Pinkie Brown whom I already know from the 2011 remake of this very film. And although I must admit Sam Riley's version of this great character appealed more to me - Attenborough played him also very well.
He is menacing and callous but also handsome and charming enough to make a young girl fall for him.

This young girl is Rose, a waitress who happens to gets mixed up with Pinkie when she's a kind of witness to one of his murders.
The story fascinated me even more when I saw it the second time and the original is surely not as rushed and disconnected as the remake. The plot is compelling and Pinkie's mind games with the naive Rose are gruesome and you hope for her that she quits him eventually while you're still rooting for Pinkie to get away with his crimes.

This is British noir at its best, at least as good as the better known The Third Man if not better.
½ February 22, 2013
Brighton Rock is an excellent film. It is about a a small-town hoodlum whose gang runs a protection racket based at Brighton race course. Richard Attenborough and Carol Marsh give amazing performances. The screenplay is well written. John Boulting did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama. Brighton Rock is a must see.
February 7, 2013
Classic Brit Noir. Gangs ruling the roost in Brighton and Richard Attenboroughs Pinky Brown is as dark and menacing as they come. Suspense from first minute till last. Top film
December 31, 2012
An extremely effective crime thriller, gritty and realistic, that gets more and more interesting thanks to Attenborough's great performance as the deeply disturbed Pinkie Brown. Rose's character is very interesting aswell; although the film is a little bit updated at portraying women as powerless and sometimes even weak, Rose's disarming innocence is so honest that I admired her for her simplicity. An excellent British film.
½ November 21, 2012
Very good adaptation of a pretty damn good book. Attenborough's Pinkie Brown is as cold as movie villains come. I'd give it five stars but I thought it left unresolved a lot of the homosexual subtext that it built throughout the first 2/3 of the film.
½ July 15, 2012
Rose: "People change."
Ida: "I've never changed. It's like those sticks of rock. Bite one all the way down, you'll still read Brighton. That's human nature."
½ June 30, 2012
Chelsea fan Dickie as Pinky and Dr Who team up in a fun-packed Brighton romp .... it hasn't improved down there in the intervening 65 years!!!
April 24, 2012
Produced and directed by John and Roy Boulting, and written for the screen by Graham Greene and Terence Rattigan, (adapted from Greene's novel), this is a dark, noishish thriller showing a dark side to an otherwise well loved holiday resort. It has a brilliant lead role who was only young then, but showed more maturity than any of his closest contemporaries. Pinkie Brown (Richard Attenborough) is a 17 year old gangster with his own gang which consist of Dallow (William Hartnell), Cubitt (Nigel Stock) and Spicer (Wylie Watson), they're looking for a big break, and is trying to hold his own against Brighton's other gangster rival Colleoni (Charles Goldner). Pinkie's gang have had their eye on Fred Hale (Alan Wheatley), a journalist who has been investigating his gang's activities. After Pinkie takes him out on a ghost train ride, the police find his body, and write it off as a heart attack. However, Pinkie discovers that music hall entertainer Ida Arnold (Hermione Baddeley), knew he was in danger, and begins her own investigations, which lead her to cafe waitress Rose Brown (Carol Marsh), whom Pinkie has started courting. It's a suspenseful thriller, which is a British film noir, with Attenborough giving an unnerving and hard-edged performance, but it's a good time piece of a Britain now lost in the past. It's topped off with some clever direction and good camerawork by Harry Waxman.
½ April 17, 2012
Richard Attenborough turns in a great brooding performance in this version of Graham Greene's tale of crime, love and betrayal. A decent British thriller.
½ April 16, 2012
Was pretty entertaining.Attenborough is superb and the other characters too. The story itself is pretty good like Graham Greene's usually are. The ending is quite good pretty fast paced especially considering the time it was made.
April 14, 2012
Not a bad film although the lack of a decent introduction made it a bit difficult to get into.
March 17, 2012
Vintage British cinema featuring a fiendishly good performance by Richard Attenborough as a villain right up there with Hannibal Lecter, Anton Chighur, Patrick Bateman, Death, etc.
The final scene is eternally haunting.
March 8, 2012
first time seeing this classic b&w thx to iTunes Rentals. brings back memories of watching Ealing Studios movies on a sunday afternoon
February 15, 2012
Has been called the greatest English film.
January 29, 2012
Someone posted this movie in YouTube in 6 parts (luckily/unluckily), and I couldn't stop---had to finish it 'til the end. Reminds me of a long episode of Alfred Hitchcock presents. Sir Richard Attenborough was a revelation, seeing him only from Jurassic Park. Hermione Baddeley was a delight on screen and you couldn't wait to hear what tactless thing she'd say next. And Carol Marsh's wide-eyed innocence was a classic performance of the good old B&W films. T'was a good entertaining movie.
January 20, 2012
awesome early brit gangsta film also great work from attenborough
January 15, 2012
a rather stunning piece of classic british cinema!
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