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Bringing Out the Dead Quotes

  • Larry: [to Frank] What you gettin'?
    Frank Pierce: I'm not hungry.
    Larry: Oh yeah, you don't eat food.
    Frank Pierce: I eat, I just haven't had coffee yet.
    Larry: Coffee and whiskey, lucky you ain't dead with that diet.

  • Cy Coates: [to Frank] Relax, you're in the oasis now.

  • Frank Pierce: You cannot be near the newly dead without feeling it.

  • Cy Coates: Tell me somethin', Frank--does killing your clients make good business sense to you?

  • Frank Pierce: I'd always had nightmares, but now the ghosts didn't wait for me to sleep.

  • Griss: Now look don't make me take off my sunglasses
    Griss: Don't make me take off my sunglasses!

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