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November 9, 2008
Lindsay Anderson's most obvious satire. For some reason, I'm not quite sure what, it simply doesn't measure up to the genius of its predecessors, If.... and O Lucky Man! Perhaps because it sort of gets lost in the excess of its own irateness. Despite this, the movie shouldn't be dismissed. I think a lot of people don't like this because they expect it to be more like the previous two, and it isn't - Travis (McDowell) isn't even the main character here. As satire, it's still pretty sharp, and overall it's very good - it just doesn't go above and beyond like Anderson's masterpieces.
½ October 31, 2008
This veers off into some real horror elements, so it caught my interest.
July 26, 2008
Criminally under-rated, this is every bit as good as both If and O Lucky Man (that are masterpieces in themselves). Nobody gets out of this film alive. A dark and comic masterpiece.
June 18, 2008
My (probably generous) rating results from my ignorance of early '80s British culture and governmental systems -- copious knowledge of which one must have to to really get this overt satire.
½ June 12, 2008
Perhaps the least of Lindsay Anderson's Mick Travis trilogy (which doesn't say much, as they're all pretty fantastic). Anderson cranks the satire all the way up and throws in some science fiction/horror for good measure. How do I NOT love this movie?
½ June 5, 2008
i love mick travis, but i thought this movie was really boring.
Super Reviewer
June 4, 2008
Amazing! Lindsey Anderson completes his trilogy with this surreal and hilarious social commentary. McDowell is great as usual, the direction is innovative and the story is really intelligent. Highly recommended.
May 31, 2008
Unfortunately, the least interesting film of the trilogy. It has Mark Hamill though!
May 22, 2008
chilling... needless to say its funny too! The early 80's British humor leaves one dry mouthed at times but the charming wit and issues that arise make it a good watch!
May 1, 2008
This movie is great ! I didn't know that it was a bit gory but it was ok ! I liked the part when the "Genesis" still continues to strangle a surgeon ! The queen's arrival was exellent ! But I found the end a bit weird..
½ April 15, 2008
The last in the Mick Travis trilogy...only Malcolm McDowell as Travis is only in the film for about ten minutes, and he looks like he's about to go into rehab any minute.

Still, once you get past the tangential connection, Britannia Hospital is almsot like a British TV Comedy gone wrong, like a proto-Green Wing, presenting 1980's Thatcherite Britain as a strange, dark place dominated by big business, mindless media and sold-out Trade Unionism.

Leonard Rossiter adds to the TV Sitcom feel, but he is actually very good as an unemotional hospital administrator.

All in all, an oddity worth watching once, if only for its ending involving a labour riot, the Queen, Malcolm McDowell's brain and a supercomputer which quotes Hamlet!
½ April 8, 2008
This is a mixture of comedy and pure horror/shock. Basically there have been questions asked on how well the hospital is running and we follow a reporter going under cover, into how the hospital is run. However, things begin to turn sour in the end...
It's good to watch and there are some very sick and funny moments. There are alot of famous actors/actresses too!
March 28, 2008
j'ai kiffé l'homme diplodocus!!
½ February 2, 2008
When the cop knocked out the girl with the flower....classic!!!
½ January 26, 2008
Misjudged, and not as elegantly poignant as the previous two films in the series, but a strong British comedy with some great set pieces, set ups and performances.
January 25, 2008
Can't Wait To See This. If...., And O Lucky Man! Are Two Of My Favorite Movies Ever.
½ November 25, 2007
More satirical than either O Lucky Man! or If..., and somehow less satisfying. "What a piece of work is man."
November 9, 2007
Unfairly scorned at the time of its realease Andersons final part of his Mick Travis films is a scathing attack on pretty much everything political .
Mad Surgeons ,stoned tV makers,angry union bosses no one escapes Andersons venom here as all are as guilty as each other.
A film which given todays political climate harks back to a day when the battlelines were more clearly drawn
November 5, 2007
Wonderfully dark and often hillarious, no one is safe from it's extremely hostile satire. Well worth seeing.
September 26, 2007

Can you imagine Truffaut killing off Antoine Doinel the way Anderson kills off Mick Travis here?
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