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October 2, 2012
Not Bad...gotta love interracial relationships.. ;)
July 28, 2012
I thought this 2000 movie was decent! What was unrealistic was so called black empowerment rapper brothah Tariq Trotter (The Roots) get into an interracial relationship with Jewish white girl (Karen Goberman) knowing the serious beef between black and whites in Crown Heights! This movie is a rip off of the movie "The Bronx Tale"!
February 29, 2012
Wasn't bad, but the story has been told before. The acting was all that. But it was great to see The Roots, Slick Rick, Brand Nubian, Common & M1 from Dead Prez in this movie. But I wouldn't watch it again. Nothing you'd really missed at all.
½ December 6, 2011
meh pretty forgettable, girls will watch it for the love story and guys will watch it for the music, The music was really good but thats about it
October 25, 2011
i wanna watch this movie
August 6, 2011
Brooklyn Babylon used an all too familiar plot template, the old "lovers from opposing clans" arc has been recycled over and over since Romeo & Juliet. Nevertheless, this urban adaptation wasn't a direct plot-point for plot-point ripoff and did feature some original elements. Definitely the first film highlighting a romance between an African-American male & a Jewish girl, with strong cultural imprints from both sides. The elements of the conflict between the blacks and Jews were pretty predictable, and it was obvious that Sol's relationship with Sara would come under fire, as well as the clash between Judah and Sol. One thing I did appreciate was the great music brought to the film by Black Thought & The Roots, as well as the hip-hop instrumentals used throughout the film as background music. The acting was a bit weak at some points, but the lead performers held it together. I feel that the storyboard was a bit rushed, some of the shots didn't fall into a smooth sequence. These was this one shot on the train after the club arson where Sol and Sara are standing, and then it abruptly cuts to them sitting down. That bit came off very sloppy. That sex scene was pretty over-the-top as well. Still, Brooklyn Babylon did manage to entertain me and was not a horrible film, but it certainly had it's flaws.
½ May 16, 2011
Only good feat=David Vadim. :D
½ February 16, 2011
I really liked this movie, much better than I expected it to be. Nice story, GREAT music throughout the movie! Interracial couples are a common subject in American movies but this movie brings a commentary on tensions in Crown Heights. Acting could've been better so I don't really recommend it to people who don't like hip-hop or aren't willing to learn about differences between cultures.
January 25, 2011
The classic story of Romeo & Juliet told in modern times, sans any sort if poetic-ism or real passion. Meh worthy.
November 16, 2008
A movie with deep spiritual meanings. Brooklyn Babylon's plot transcends race, color and religious background. The story itself mirrors the ancient legends of King David and Makeda the Queen of Sheba and also Shakesperean elements of Romeo and Juliet. Deep in conflict and retirbution, this movie is a deep-thinker must-see.
July 10, 2008
I liked it mostly for the music acting and script weren't bad but absolutely nothing was subtle - the looks back and forth, the forbidden fruit - way too over the top. The end was to ambiguous for all the events that lead up to it - it needed some direction.
January 5, 2008
Unique movie that more people need to take a look at. Gives some great commentary about Crown Heights and society's influence on interracial, inter cultural, & inter-religious relationships. Beautiful usage of the Song of Solomon. If you don't like urban issues, hip-hop, or are interested in cultural tensions, this movie may not be for you, but if you do give it a look.
November 2, 2007
one of the greatest movies of all time
October 11, 2007
I couldn't say enough about how much I love this movie. It proves that love transcends everything including culture, heritage, color, sometimes even "religion".
½ August 18, 2007
Honestly, better than I expected it to be. A little choppy overall but they got the point across and I think it was diff. than a lot of interracial romance movies. I especially liked the happy ending.
½ July 5, 2007
horrid acting but common now, did you expect anything else. hip hop romeo n juliet with a happy ending. cameos by the whole roots crew, slick rick, m-1, common and the beats stay on the cerebral long after the movie ends. true lovers of hip hop will appreciate the artistic elements
½ June 13, 2007
I give it a two-and-a-half because at least The Roots are in it. Tariq did an ok job but the movie overall was boring with bad acting.
½ June 7, 2007
this old. I remember this on BET. Hah!
June 7, 2007
having lived in bklyn during times of tension in crown heights, this movie spoke to me... everyone should see it.
February 19, 2007
The Best movie of Love, Trials & Tribulations & Racial Motivations growing up in Brooklyn...
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