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November 5, 2018
Trite. Yet Fuqua, through his trademark violence and his ability to ramp up tension in every scene, ensures that there is always something interesting to watch on screen.
August 23, 2018
What gives this an extra star is Ethan Hawke: there are plenty of guns blazing in this movie but the real fire comes from his powerhouse performance.
January 13, 2018
All the actors are excellent in their portrayals of their characters.
September 11, 2017
Each actor, including Wesley Snipes as a fresh-out-of-jail ex-con, gives one of their grittiest performances in this gripping cop drama reminiscent of 2006's The Departed and 1991's New Jack City.
January 3, 2014
Fuqua once again proves his mastery of the cop/crime drama genre, making for the best of its kind since 'The Departed.'
November 13, 2013
the film's remarkable cast helps Fuqua bring his sprawling web of nastiness to another level
October 30, 2012
An impressive and gritty cop drama with three strong leading performances.
April 8, 2012
Paints with grimy authenticity a despairing, warts-and-all portrait of cops and criminals, turning the idea of the title on its head and then some.
July 6, 2010
Watching the dirty badges in this gritty urban tale lose their shine is absolutely riveting.
June 16, 2010
The drama doesn't just move between the three cops, it prowls between them, occasionally pouncing, and the film builds up quite a bit of tension.
June 16, 2010
It's played with considerable intensity -- by Hawke especially.
June 14, 2010
It is certainly the best film director Antoine Fuqua has made since he last traced the thin blue line with Oscar winner Training Day.
June 10, 2010
Although slick and occasionally tense, it's also downright predictable and occasionally boring. In fact, top Gere it ain't.
June 10, 2010
This darkly shaded cop drama has an effectively moody tone, although it never feels any more gritty or realistic than a TV series. And despite solid acting, the plot feels both contrived and rather lethargic.
June 9, 2010
A well made and acted film but ultimately rather pointless.
June 9, 2010
It makes for a reasonably absorbing watch and is a potent reminder of the underappreciated talents of several members of the cast and crew. It's just a shame that the storyline and characterisation lacks sufficient spark and innovation.
June 9, 2010
The many messy deaths suggest that if crime doesn't pay, neither does faith. But treat it like the raw Friday night fodder it is and you'll be redeemed with your money's worth.
June 9, 2010
Watchable, well made cop thriller with strong performances from its three leads but the stories are cliched and predictable and the finale fails to land its intended emotional punch.
June 3, 2010
Antoine Fuqua returns to the familiar territory of his Oscar-winning Training Day, weaving together three storylines with confidence and a steady hand.
April 14, 2010
For fans of Fuqua's previous work, this is exactly what we would expect the director to deliver.
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