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Brother Bear Quotes

  • Kenoia: It's me.

  • Kenoia: Koda? It's me.

  • Kenoia: Leave him alone!

  • Koda: Hi-ya!

  • Koda: I'm practicin' my moves!

  • Rutt: Hey. My name's Rutt. This is my brother Tuke.
    Tuke: How's it goin', bear?
    Kenoia: Don't call me that.
    Tuke: Sorry, uh... Mr. Bear?
    Kenoia: No! I mean, I'm not a bear! I hate bears!

  • Koda: I think their horns are screwed on too tight!
    Koda: [to Kenai] I think their horns are screwed on a little bit too tight!

  • Koda: The only way to get down is to chew your own foot off.

  • Koda: Skinny, fat! Skinny, fat!
    Kenoia: Hey, I've got a mountain to get to. Come on, kid.
    Koda: I told you before, my name's Koda. Say it with me. Ko-da.
    Kenoia: Are you sure your mom didn't ditch you, Ko-da?
    Koda: Hmph.

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