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January 13, 2017
10/10 would recommend
December 30, 2016
While it started off really well, it soon became quite sappy and contrived.
November 30, 2016
The story and animation of this one makes it my all time favourite ^^
November 13, 2016
This was a light hearted touching story to say the least. Even for a child's movie it will touch the hearts of all ages. And for a real decent look into the world of the native American's religious culture. This movie had references to the shaman and beautiful touch on the spirits. As with his brother becoming the great eagle with his totem and having the power to shift his brothers form in the age old "mile in another's shoes" a thorough recommendation from me.
November 13, 2016
Brother Bear is a Disney movie that depicts the relationship between Native Americans and nature. In the beginning of the movie, the narrator explains that the world is full of 'magic', which comes from the lights at the top of the mountains. The shaman woman of the tribe explains that these lights are actually spirits of deceased ancestors and loved ones. They are responsible for growth, through people or animals, and changing of the seasons. Typically, these spirits control everything and help guide their loved ones. The main character of the movie, Kenai, is about to turn into a man. The shaman took a quest to the mountains and it was revealed to her that Kenai's totem, is that of a bear. According to the spirits, in order to become a man, Kenai must base his life and actions around love. Kenai is appalled by this and doesn't understand how he must 'love' in order to become a man. He leaves the ceremony and finds that his basket of fish, that he didn't properly secure, had been ransacked by a bear. Kenai tracks down the bear, to try and kill it and prove his manhood. His brothers, Sitka and Denahi, follow him and discover that the bear nearly kills him and it caused him to fall off the side of a ledge. While the brothers are fighting for their lives, Sitka sacrifices himself in order to save the other two. The bear and Sitka fall into the icy river. The bear manages to escape into the woods. Angry over his brother's death, Kenai follows the bear with the intentions to kill it. The tracks the bear to the top of a mountain and as he kills the bear, he is surrounded by the spirits, in the form of the bright lights. Suddenly, Kenai is transformed into the bear. Denahi, who thought Kenai was an actual bear, tried to kill him, thinking that Kenai was dead. Kenai, disoriented and confused, managed to escape and when he wakes up, discovers the shaman, who told him he needed to find the place that the lights touched the Earth. He set on a quest to find this location so he could be human again, where he meets a young cub by the name of Koda. Koda is very annoying to Kenai at first, but soon grows on him. Kenai agrees to take Koda to the salmon run, because Koda says the place he's looking for is right neat the salmon run. When they reach their destination, Koda tells a story of how his mother encountered some hunters. Horrified, Kenai realizes the story is about him and how he killed Koda's mother. Kenai pulls Koda aside, and admits that he killed his mother when he was human. Hurt of the loss of his mother, Koda leaves and Kenai sets back to the mountain with the lights. When he reaches the mountain, Denahi is there and tries to kill him. Koda managed to help save him, and right before Kenai is about to be stabbed, he transforms back into a human. Kenai decides to continue living his life as a bear, so he can take care of Koda. Kenai has finally turned into a 'man', since he learned how to live his life by the way of his totem.

This movie is important in explaining the religions of indigenous people. They have a very strong connection to nature, as it is shown in the movie. At the beginning of the movie, Denahi is shown as the narrator and he's telling the story of his brother's story and the lesson he learned. Myths and story-telling are very popular in indigenous religions, because they teach stories and a lesson. There are many life lessons to be learned by these stories, and this is exactly what this movie is.
November 13, 2016
Brother Bear is an exceptional children's movie about the importance of Native American's connection with nature and the Great Spirit. The bond of brotherhood leads the main character to make rash decisions once his brother Sitca, dies from a bear attack. He is angry and disappointed in himself and the loss of his brother. He turns his back upon the Great Spirit and hunts the bear down. After this turn of events, Kenai angers the Great Spirits and they teach him a lesson about respecting the balance between Man and Nature. He ends up on a great journey as a Bear, trying to find the great spirits and satisfy their decisions for him. This children's animation has a lot of historical and true connections to the Native American tribes of north America. On his journey the encounters he has with nature teaches him to respect the spirits and nature itself.
November 12, 2016
Brother Bear takes place in North America, with three brothers Denahi, Sitka and Kenai. Kenai the youngest of the brothers ends up disliking bears after his older brother is killed by one and he seeks revenge by killing the bear that killed his brother. After killing the bear, Kenai is changed into a bear himself as punishment for his act in killing the bear by the spirits. After Kenai is changed into a bear, he comes by his older brother spirit who tells him how he can change back to a human from being a bear, which is to find the Northern Lights, which is where the lights touch the earth. Kenai decide to set out on a voyage to find the Northern Lights. On his travels he meets a young bear named Koda, Koda is fun adoring bear who talks a lot. Through his travels with Koda, Kenai looks at Koda as his younger brother and learns that being a bear is not all that bad. Kenai and Koda end up coming face to face with his older brother who believes a bear may have killed Kenai too. In the end after Kenai is turned back into a human he wants to remain a bear and live the rest of his life as a bear. Kenai learned what brotherhood is about and became a man as being a bear. This movie relates to world religion in the chapter about the teachings of Native American Indigenous religions, Native American religions share a belief in a supreme force or scared power, the scared power maybe manifested in different ways, it may be inherited in parts of the natural world or may be an important quality of gods or other supernatural beings. In the Navajo of the southwestern United States they teach of the Holy Wind, which is a spiritual force that inhibits every element of creation, the Holy Wind enters living beings through their own breath and directs their actions and thoughts, they connect all living things. (Brodd, 2013, 33)

Brodd, Jeffrey. Invitation to World Religions. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2013. Print.
½ November 11, 2016
Some of "Brother Bear" feels unfinished, but there's enough emotional heft to carry its contrived and fairly predictable narrative.
September 30, 2016
One of their most underrated.
½ September 27, 2016
The movie starts out and it is very clear right away how the movie relates to Native American religions. It begins with an elderly man telling a story which is how many religious teachings are passed on instead of having a text they go by. The narrator says he was "taught the world was full of magic. The source of this magic is the ever changing lights that dance across the sky" and the lights are the spirits of their ancestors and they have the power to make changes. There is also a mountain where the lights dance above and this indicates the mountain would be a sacred place.
The movie is about three brothers named Sitka, Denahi and Kenai. The youngest brother, Kenai is preparing for a ceremony to manhood and he is out fishing with the others. Denahi ask Kenai to tie up the basket of fish so a bear doesn't get it and this began the spiral of events. At the ceremony Kenai will be receiving his totem that will guide his actions to manhood and through life. The totem he receives is the bear of love. He's unhappy with this totem but still wants to get his hand on the wall along with his ancestors. Sitka consoles Kenai telling him he didn't want or like his eagle of guidance when was given to him at his ceremony. The brothers discover after the ceremony that the basket wasn't tied well and a bear has gotten the fish. Kenai sees the bear walking off and instigates a fight with the bear. During the fight, Sitka sacrifices himself to save Denahi and Kenai and Sitka and the bear fall down a cliff into a river and the bear survives. Denahi blames Kenai for Sitka's death so Kenai in anger wants to leave and find the bear for revenge. Before he leaves, Kenai is warned to not kill the bear, which would upset the spirits. Kenai finds the bear and kills it on top of a mountain. After the bear is killed, spirits come and Sitka appears as an eagle then self. He grabs Kenai and turns him into a bear. First thing he sees after he wakes up as a bear is an eagle, or Sitka. Tanana tells him he has to make things right with his brothers spirit by getting back to the mountain that meets the lights. Kenai begins his journey back to the mountain and meets a cub, Koda. Kenai agrees for him to tag along to the salmon run which is near the mountain. On the journey, there are many signs guiding him toward the mountain and Denahi is chasing them. At the end, Kenai realizes he is the one that killed Koda's mother and on top of the mountain decides to stay a bear to be there for Koda. Denahi takes him back to their family and he gets to put his mark next to his ancestors as a bear paw.
September 19, 2016
This movie has so much heart, and I love this masterpiece of underrated Disney animation so how the hell has this got 38% on RottenTomatoes!
September 18, 2016
An amazing movie, and another masterpiece by Disney. Severely underappreciated, however, but from those I've spoken to, it's received nothing but praise. The second one I can believe has a bad rating, but not the first.
½ September 15, 2016
The animation is fairly ordinary by todays standards, but the moral of the story is good.
½ August 28, 2016
i liked this movie...
August 18, 2016
It's like Kenai as he scales the mountain, looking to avenge the death of his brother, Sitka. He's got his heart in the right place but he's still a little misguided. Brother Bear has all the makings of a good animated film, it has some loveable characters, like Koda, the adorable bear cub and even Rutt and Tuke, the bumbling pair of Canadian moose who engage in some pretty funny banter. There's even some heart wrenching moments including somewhat of a tragic twist. But the animation has been better before, and the story has been better before. There's no real memorable moments or truly affective screenplay; it all feels very familiar. Nevertheless, you'll enjoy this one because it's honest storytelling even if it is a little bit of the same.
August 15, 2016
Very underrated! Brother Bear has interesting characters and a great soundtrack!
July 29, 2016
Not to many people think it's good but I thought it was amazing
½ July 13, 2016
This is a beautifully animated, sincerely written and genuinely funny family film. It wears it's big heart on it's sleeve and never apologizes for it. Given the sweet nature of the film, it's amazing to me that so many people have so much venom towards it. Is it's quality befitting of a Disney animated film? Absolutely! The classic Disney elements are in place, but they are serving a completely unique coming of age story that is genuinely unlike anything I've seen from the studio before. The characters are memorable, the message is timeless and the performances are top notch.
July 11, 2016
Very great visual and sound effects, story line, and character development. Love, love, love this movie. It is a great movie for all ages.
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