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April 26, 2015
Brothers Five sacrifices character development for action in this body count laden martial arts action-fest. The five brothers of Teng Lung Manor are spread apart by a massacre by the villainous Flying Dragon Villa, and their leader: Leng Chen Feng. The mysterious Miss Yan gathers the five scattered heroes in intermittent battles with the villains, until they can re-unite as one family, learn a special move, and defeat all of the enemies. There's not much for story or characters, but it has a lot of weapons fighting and a high body count that picks up the slack.
½ July 7, 2012
This could have been a far simpler and common movie about five brothers who find each other and strike out for revenge. But the one and only Cheng Pei-pei is in this and is the one that helps bring them together. And for a movie really heavy on the combat, none of it is the result of mistaken identity and none of it is brother against brother. Such contrivances bother me, but this movie was free of 'em, and the action was pretty good throughout! Perhaps a bit too much fighting took place at the gates of the Flying Dragon Villa, but it made it feel all the more rewarding when they got inside haha.
½ August 17, 2010
(*** 1/2): Thumbs Up

A very entertaining martial arts film. Great action scenes.
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