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December 30, 2008
The spirit of the old school echoes strongly throughout the film and parallels the purity of the passions and personalities of the paramours.
July 2, 2008
Brown Sugar manages to take hip-hop's well-established history and make it digestible for audiences not necessarily tied directly into the core of that culture.
December 30, 2006
December 6, 2005
July 16, 2003
Top Critic
July 1, 2003
May 20, 2003
Fine performances from Diggs and Lathan give life to an otherwise rehashed love story, but musician Mos Def steals the show.
March 22, 2003
March 10, 2003
December 18, 2002
All in all, Brown Sugar is a satisfying well-made romantic comedy that's both charming and well acted. It will guarantee to have you leaving the theater with a smile on your face.
December 8, 2002
The plot is romantic comedy boilerplate from start to finish.
November 20, 2002
Hip-hop rarely comes alive as its own fire-breathing entity in this picture.
November 19, 2002
True to its title, this hip-hop When Harry Met Sally is plenty sweet, but is that what we really want from a film set in the world of rap music?
November 9, 2002
November 7, 2002
Brown Sugar takes an old tale and tells it in a fresh, modern way. The music's pretty good, too.
November 1, 2002
Brown Sugar is nothing you haven't seen before, but if you're into the whole New York-based romantic comedy thing, you'll probably find it a blast.
October 27, 2002
Hip-hop has a history, and it's a metaphor for this love story.
October 26, 2002
It's predictable, but it jumps through the expected hoops with style and even some depth.
October 25, 2002
A lot more dimensional and complex than its sunny disposition would lead you to believe.
October 16, 2002
It's rare that a movie can be as intelligent as this one is in every regard except its storyline; everything that's good is ultimately scuttled by a plot that's just too boring and obvious.
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