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March 2, 2014
I own this on DVD in a two documentary pack along with:
* Bruce Lee: The Man And The Legend (1973)
Super Reviewer
½ January 21, 2012
This documentary tells the story of the legendary martial arts icon Bruce Lee. Well organized and made documentary which gives a full inside of his life, from childhood to adulthood, his tragic death at age 32 and his funeral. Everyone who was a part of his remarkable life or who got inspired by the Legend had a chance to say how he influenced their lives. I want be spending too much time on describing it - just to say that everything was done properly, tastefully and with a lot of respect for the Master of the Jeet Kune Do style.
½ October 4, 2010
This is probably the best of all the Bruce Lee bios. This is the one that introduced me to the greatness... Anyone who is a fan needs to buy this DVD....
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