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Rachel is a girl, adopted by an upper middle class family, who rebelled at 17 and left her family and studies at a traditional college in Sao Paulo to become a call girl. Shortly after starting work, she decided to write a blog about her experiences. Since some clients thought she looked like a surfer she adopted the name "Surfistinha" which means little surfer girl. This blog became a sensation, and quickly became one of the most popular blogs in Brazil. Becoming famous, her life changed significantly. She went on to be interviewed on Brazilian talk shows similar to Oprah and David Letterman, all the while continuing her blog about her racy exploits. She wrote a book about these experiences "O Doce Veneno" (Sweet sting of the scorpion)
Art House & International , Drama
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With a great performance by Deborah Secco, despite her character not being really well delineated, this solid film works very well until halfway through, when from then on it suddenly decides to be an overcoming story that seems artificial and moralistic.

Carlos Magalhães
Carlos Magalhães

Super Reviewer

A Brazilian film with a lot to say but little heart to tell it with. Bruna Surfistinha has some decent acting and the story is interesting but little is explored and the surface of why Bruna does what she does is barely scraped. Nothing that really needs to be seen for fans of great cinema.

Jonathan Porras
Jonathan Porras

One line summary: Rise, fall, and recovery of a Brazilian call girl and media star. ----------------------------- Raquel Pacheco was adopted by an upper middle class family in Sao Paulo. However, at 17 she broke away from this life to live in a brothel. She uses Bruna as her working name, and Surfistinha as her nickname. She does well for a while, but her relationship with the other women becomes turbulent. She moves to a new apartment setting with Gabi after meeting Carol at a dance club. She has even more success, starts a blog about her activities, which brings her even more business. She enjoys the spotlight for a while. Eventually she starts using drugs; unfortunately, the drug use and the fame hit about the same time. She crashes over this, and ends up chasing men in cars. After recovering from the drugs, she writes a book about her experiences, and the book does fairly well. Her popularity in Brazil inspired the current movie, which is a dramatic representation shown on television of a section of her life. Netflix showed this as 'Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl.' ------Conclusions------ There is quite a lot of skin and simulated sexual activity shown in this film. TV14 seems a bit light of a rating; NC17 might be closer to accurate. So watch under advisement. Bruna Surfistinha is a soft core porn film that exploits Deborah Secca's physique more than anything else. The acting is better than that of American 'reality' television, but not by a whole lot. As a dramatic treatment of a difficult life, the film seems too rosy, even though it depicts hard times that Raquel experienced. --------Scores------- Cinematography: 7/10 The film looks good for the most part, but it often shows TV/VHS quality rather than theatrical quality. Sound: 6/10 was not that relevant to me. I do not understand Brazilian Portuguese, and the incidental music was not a factor. The subtitles seemed to be in reasonable parallel to the actors' intentions. Acting: 5/10 OK, but not great, as noted above. Deborah Secco and Drica Moraes were the best. Screenplay: 6/10 The film does tell a story, though it is more than a bit disjointed at times.

Ed Collins
Ed Collins

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