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There's good bad taste and then there's just plain bad bad, which is what describes most of Brüno.

July 10, 2009 Full Review Source: Christian Science Monitor | Comments (10)
Christian Science Monitor
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Cody Smith

did it make you feel stupid about your homophobia, guy from the Christian Science Monitor? big surprise you couldn't see past your archaic beliefs on this one.

Jul 11 - 01:09 AM

Amie J.

Amie Jones

It isnt about being homophobic....not too many people would want a man trying to hump them and poking them with dildos and standing around naked at all moments. That makes everyone uncomfotable whether it was a man or woman doing these things.

Jul 11 - 09:51 AM


Bob Burrows

Actually, I think homophobes would probably like this movie because it reinforces their stereotypes.

Jul 11 - 12:54 PM


First Last

I don't think homophobes will bother to see this.

Jul 12 - 03:35 PM


Naz Kikta

Having a penis waving at you for a minute is not seeing past an archaic belief, its just plain nasty. Neither is having someone making you feel uncomfortable by taking their clothes of in front of you. Its not about being Christian here, its about human moral and how low it has stooped for such things to be defended by society.

Jul 14 - 08:41 PM

Mary F.

Mary Fournier

What a sad review. This isn't really a review but a "warning" to all the good people who read the Christian Science Monitor. This Peter Rainer, whoever he is, really needs to relax...and we are talking from the muscles in his head to the muscles in his rear.

Jul 11 - 02:26 AM


John Dunn

A breath of fresh air from an intellectually inept douche bag writing for an organization who's very name is an oxymoron. We're all glad that your reviews and the reviews of people like you are factored in here, at Rotten Tomatoes.

Jul 11 - 01:54 PM


David Neal-Lunsford

It's shocking that a christian gay hater would give bruno a bad review. Of course that was me being sarcastic.

Jul 11 - 03:23 PM


George Bush

sounds like the christian science douche should take a ride on the Dildo machine.

Jul 11 - 07:57 PM


David Baril

I never understood why being around someone naked was uncomfortable, but i read in a book just earlier today a theory that explains it perfectly- people are so sexually repressed that they cannot look at another person naked and not think it sexual. Nudity. its not a bad thing.

Jul 12 - 12:20 AM

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