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November 24, 2020
One of the most fun and uplifting films of the year.
November 7, 2019
Despite its scripted shortcomings, THE BUCKET LIST is poignantly filled with heart, guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings and tear ducts as we each face our own mortality, hopefully with the same courage and joy as Edward and Carter.
October 29, 2019
The Bucket List is far from a great movie, but it is a great opportunity to watch a pair of great actors at the top of their game.
August 23, 2018
As Rob Reiner should know better and Jack Nicholson should know better and Morgan Freeman should know better, what you have here is a film which has to make you ask: how come they didn't?
April 2, 2012
Meehl's gentle handling of her subject and her unobstrusive, observational camera work make this a delightful and touching experience.
January 30, 2012
Whilst this remains reasonably captivating for its first hour, it kinda runs out of steam after that...
August 14, 2009
A modestly uplifting, and at-times poignant, buddy comedy that manages to make the most of the worst of situations.
January 5, 2009
An endearing film that will bring you to tears and have you cherishing every relationship and day you have.
December 20, 2008
...a hopelessly uneven endeavor that's ultimately felled by a lamentable emphasis on heavy-handed bursts of schmaltziness.
June 5, 2008
...sentimental, simplistic, and almost shamefully manipulative, yet I found it absolutely charming.
June 5, 2008
No Grumpy Old Men these two, as Nicholson's over-the hill sex machine billionaire with his serial quickies on demand, and Freeman's egghead underachiever spar with the Grim Reaper. Two Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.
May 22, 2008
For those who want to Believe, those who want to be cuddled by the fake laughter through tears emotions that only an expertly made piece of Hollywood toffee like this can provide - if only for the moment - get out your hankies.
April 16, 2008
An entertaining tear jerker of a story about two old men facing the end of two very different lives.
February 28, 2008
Although it's certainly not on par with his best work, The Bucket List is the best film Reiner has made in a long time.
February 15, 2008
February 14, 2008
This rather special film is one about mortality and immortality and guarantees both laughter and tears. Of course, the combination of Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman is special in itself
February 6, 2008
Una comedia menor, sensible y muy disfrutable, que descansa sobre el histrionismo de dos grandes actores como Jack Nicholson y Morgan Freeman.
February 3, 2008
Is never as trite and cliché as it could be, instead it intends on being a genuine character study focusing on two unfulfilled men who tend to balance each other out...
January 31, 2008
Adam and Eve. Lennon and McCartney. The Captain and Tenille. Just a few duos that managed to make a little magic when they got together. And now, for you're viewing pleasure, may I add the celebrated team of Jack and Morgan.
January 28, 2008
Despite a somewhat simplistic view of life ... an engaging examination of two men looking back at their lives without pity or regret.
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