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October 18, 2008
October 18, 2008
October 18, 2008
August 22, 2008
This movie has the same level of false, mediocre level of entertainment as the movie WILD HOGS. If you liked that one, then you might like this. But I despise both.
June 5, 2008
...sentimental, simplistic, and almost shamefully manipulative, yet I found it absolutely charming.
June 5, 2008
No Grumpy Old Men these two, as Nicholson's over-the hill sex machine billionaire with his serial quickies on demand, and Freeman's egghead underachiever spar with the Grim Reaper. Two Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.
May 22, 2008
For those who want to Believe, those who want to be cuddled by the fake laughter through tears emotions that only an expertly made piece of Hollywood toffee like this can provide - if only for the moment - get out your hankies.
May 1, 2008
... plays like Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries, reimagined as an uninspired sitcom and travelogue.
April 16, 2008
An entertaining tear jerker of a story about two old men facing the end of two very different lives.
April 10, 2008
'The Bucket List' begins with a bleak, unsparing glimpse into the unraveling lives of two terminal-cancer patients and ends in unblushing sentimentality.
March 17, 2008
doesn't a by-the-numbers Rob Reiner buddy movie about dying just about say it all? This is for the hardcore Nicholson and Freeman fans who don't mind considering the mortality of their idols.
March 4, 2008
At one point Morgan Freeman's character shouts, 'This was supposed to be fun.' I couldn't agree more.
February 29, 2008
This is a film for people who find cereal-packet philosophy a bit taxing.
February 28, 2008
The film's trailers suggest the triteness you're in for, and Morgan Freeman's opening narration -- his usual wise-old-black-man spiel -- seconds it.
February 28, 2008
Although it's certainly not on par with his best work, The Bucket List is the best film Reiner has made in a long time.
February 25, 2008
Just die, already!
February 24, 2008
'The Bucket List' pales in comparison to the talents of its stars.
February 15, 2008
When actors as great as Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman can't make dialogue sound natural, you know the script is a stinkeroo.
February 15, 2008
February 14, 2008
This rather special film is one about mortality and immortality and guarantees both laughter and tears. Of course, the combination of Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman is special in itself
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