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January 6, 2015
This movie is bad, but I couldn't help myself to watch it a few times. Yep.
November 18, 2014
A humorous movie loved it laughing through it.
½ October 18, 2014
Pretty dumb but yet kinda funny.
½ September 6, 2014
hung to it. its watchable!!!!
½ August 31, 2014
Love love love Nick but holy shit this was a big fat disappointment.
½ August 20, 2014
Je cherche encore la comédie dans ce film la ou tout autre qualité...
½ August 7, 2014
Awkward and unpleasant, both because of the main character and the script that created him, Bucky Larson is yet another Happy Madison project that should be avoided at all costs.
July 19, 2014
You would have to force me at gunpoint to get me to see this shit.
July 16, 2014
wow Rotten Tomatoes have Bucky Larson a ZERO, I've never seen that before, anyone????
July 10, 2014
WTF did i watch i mean happy madison has made really really awful films this grown ups 2, jack and jill and thats my boy r consider the worst in my view not worst happy madison movies but worst movies of all time
½ July 6, 2014
The trailer didn't even look like it was trying. It's worse than the master of disguise.
July 5, 2014
Adam Sandler produces this!
June 13, 2014
This movie was so bad it gave me cancer
½ June 9, 2014
Really stupid and unfunny One laugh out loud scene C-
½ June 8, 2014
i really enjoyed it. Its not a unique masterpiece of anything. its basic comedy with a few layers of character development. the story was great and different
June 5, 2014
One of the worst movie to ever hit the earth
Super Reviewer
May 29, 2014
Happy Madison is an anomaly in the world of film. They constantly turn out horrible films that have neat little ideas, but due to the awful "writing", their films constantly misfire. Bucky Larson is an absolute train wreck that never should have been made. The idea here would have succeeded if it would be realized by someone who actually had talent. Adam Sandler is a horrible writer and his best days are behind him, the guy should be driven out of Hollywood. This is a laugh free film, and it's one of the worst films that I have seen. I've seen my fair share of thrash, but this is one of the worst. The worst part is, is that the idea was interesting, and like I said, in the hands of the right guy, it could have been a funny comedy, but since this is written by Adam Sandler, and made by his company, it's no surprise that this one is a horrible piece of trash Don't give it a shot, even by some morbid curiosity, this is a waste of time, that fails to make you laugh, and it has one of the most pitiful "comedians" in the genre. I don't recommend it, and the only reason that I've seen this movie was because my friend insisted we watch it. Overall a mess, a waste of time, and it lacks anything to really make it entertaining. Everyone that was involved in making this movie should be ashamed of making such crap, and it's no secret why this movie bombed big at the box office, there just aren't any funny bits, the humor is childish and pointless. With this is a film that tries to get laughs by a few gross out humor bits, and it just makes you nod your head, and ask yourself, is this the best thing that these "screenwriters" could come up with. I guess since Sandler has limited comedic range and flogs a dead horse with his tiresome brand of comedy, and then this was the best he could in order to write a comedy. He failed miserably, and it's no surprise his films are constantly being panned, he deserves every ounce of negativity he gets.
½ May 28, 2014
If I could give it no stars I would have. ugly filth this is a torture worthy for condemned souls in hells lowest level of pain.
May 27, 2014
The writers should had looked up the word "comedy" in the dictionary and started there.
May 23, 2014
Why does Sandler think he is funny ?
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