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April 18, 2016
Morrar is the kind of man who pursues collective social progress rather than headlines or offices. He is the governor or congressman we wish we all had but never do.
April 14, 2011
An intense, albeit one-sided, documentary on location during demonstrations by the Palestinians in the village of Budrus against Israeli encroachments.
January 13, 2011
No one can believe that "Budrus" is showing us the key to peace in the Middle East. But any positive note about this most intractable of conflicts should be savored.
December 16, 2010
Bacha, who worked on the impressive 2004 documentary "Control Room," does well to focus on one tiny town and its leading citizens; "Budrus" is at its best when she keeps the scale small.
December 2, 2010
Using straight-to-camera interviews and circa-2003 footage of the confrontations between villagers and Israeli soldiers, Columbia University-educated, Brazilian filmmaker Julia Bacha has made a film that will stick in the craw of hardliners.
December 2, 2010
Bacha's film has a naive charm that fits well with the simple goals of the people, who were just asking that they be allowed to continue raising their kids and making a living in the place where they grew up.
December 2, 2010
Uncertain which approach to use, the filmmakers try a little of everything: sit-down interviews, in-the-moment footage, sentimental close-ups. A patient, on-the-ground approach would mostly have sufficed. But the movie is fascinating anyway.
December 2, 2010
Simply shot and straightforward in its argument, this film from Brazilian documentarian Julia Bacha is an agitprop rallying cry for Palestinians living in the West Bank's Occupied Territories.
October 29, 2010
A superlative introduction to the realities of Palestinian suffering and resistance.
October 29, 2010
For those who despair of ever seeing peace in the Middle East, Budrus offers both sobering and cheering evidence that progress is possible.
October 21, 2010
What's most gratifying about Budrus is that the film enables us to feel some of the same emotions the participants experienced.
October 11, 2010
Closely follows remarkable story, from many viewpoints, of [a] community . . . creat[ing] an unusual paradigm for nonviolent protest . . .where most think that's impossible.
October 8, 2010
Engrossing and sometimes inspiring...
October 6, 2010
A brave and illuminating documentary about a landmark 2003 nonviolent protest movement in a small Palestinian town against Israel's Separation Barrier.
October 5, 2010
The little-told story of a small but growing nonviolent opposition movement among rural West Bank Palestinians gets an airing in Julia Bachas mostly fair-minded documentary.
September 29, 2010
You can scarcely believe the foolishness of the Israeli authorities, but you never get the sense that the film is taking sides.
September 29, 2010
If you want a real film about women changing history, try the documentary Budrus.
September 24, 2010
The people of Budrus, and their choice of peaceful protest, can only be admired.
September 23, 2010
An unsettling but finally uplifting experience.
September 23, 2010
This involving film is an eye-opener.
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