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½ January 1, 2008
One of the great love films of our time.
December 31, 2007
beautiful work of art
December 31, 2007
kinda cool the way it shows all the choices he has played out with the consequeses. ok movie
December 31, 2007
Look like you love me. I do love you Billy.
December 30, 2007
Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci star in quite simply one of the best debut films by a director ever made. Vincent Gallo brings us a black comedy about a small time misfit ex con billy's (Gallo) attempt to kidnap a girl (Ricci) to masquerade as his wife to convince his parents that his life has turned out to be a success. Throughout the day we discover numerous things about Billy's former life that give the viewer both sympathetic and understading about why he is the way he is. The standout scene is the dinner scene with Ben Gazara and Angelica Houston as Billy's parents. A must see for all Indie enthusiasts
December 30, 2007
Took me awhile to first get into it, but the tap dancing scene turned it around for me. Love this film.
December 29, 2007
I can't stand Vincent Gallo, I'm sorry.
½ December 28, 2007
A Gallo self indulgent film that is almost as droll as my Christmas eve. There are moments in this movie, but not many.
½ December 28, 2007
cool film from gallo
December 28, 2007
I don't remember much about this, but I think that it was pretty good.
½ December 27, 2007
pretentious, masturbatory, ego-driven shit from the loathsome gallo.
½ December 27, 2007
I just couldn't stop watching this. It was pretty good.
½ December 26, 2007
I saw Brown Bunny first and fully expected to hate Buffalo '66 based on my loathing of that other film. I was very pleasantly surprised.
December 26, 2007
I really dig Gallo. Great acting from Ricci. Very interesting concept. Strange love story.
December 26, 2007
Pues es un rallote de peli, me gusta bastante como está dirigida pero el final rompe demasiado la tónica de la peli.
December 25, 2007
get over yourself and start loving this movie. this is so obviously a thoughtful, original, touching, visionary film that you should be ashamed to even doubt it. dick.
½ December 25, 2007
If Gallo is such a brilliant artist, why is he proud of the fact that he quit painting, "at the peak of his career," at took up (bad) filmmaking? This film sucks ballz.
½ December 23, 2007
very, very impressed with this film. good performances from the two leads, interesting direction and hilarious black comedy. i would recommend this film to any my friends
December 23, 2007
Bonus points for King Crimson, and use of the phrase, "span time."
December 22, 2007
i don't know why, but i ADORE this film. i hate loving and love to hate billy brown, vincent gallo's ex-con, his football-obsessed mother, his lecherous dad, and his tapdancing, kidnaped girlfriend. so weird.
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