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April 18, 2011
3: This watery environment would be a strange world to live in on a permanent basis. I caught a glimpse of it on my recent travels in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. So, it is both familiar and entirely foreign. Living within the marshlands like this could certainly never be easy. You would be far more susceptible to the whims of the weather than most. I can't help but wonder how close to reality this is for some in modern day Vietnam. I certainly don't doubt that this was how people lived in the past, but I wonder how many modern amenities have infiltrated a place like this today. As is the case with all the films I purchase during my travels, whether from Iraq, Korea, Beijing, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, or Cambodia, they seem somehow more meaningful and personal. Just as in Tres Estaciones, the characters here dream of a better and more secure existence, which for them means an escape from the marshlands to a patch of dry, or at least drier, land. It's an interesting and unique film.
April 26, 2008
Great Vietnamese film. Beautifully shot and a wonderful story.
October 28, 2007
Den hÀr vietnamesiska filmen följer en fattig ung man under ett par Är av hans liv. Det Àr nÄgon gÄng under den franska ockupationen i mitten av 40-talet. I trakten han lever blir det under regnperioden massiva översvÀmningar och ett inte helt ovanligt arbete Àr "buffelcowboy" - att mot betalning ta hand om bönders bufflar och ta dem till stÀllen dÀr det fortfarnade finns grÀs. Filmen Àr endast löst sammanhÄllen, nÀstan episodisk, som nedslag i huvudpersonens liv (som inte bara handlar om bufflar). Det Àr ett bra drama men samtidigt lite osammanhÀngande och - ja, trÄkigt. Bra musik och bra foto, sevÀrd men inte mycket mer.
September 20, 2007
acting sucked. the english subtitles were better than the vietnamese script. scenery was soooo beautiful. (* A *) YAY VIETNAM!
½ May 29, 2007
I like it, eventhough it was long but the plot was good
Super Reviewer
November 1, 2006
If you want to see a story about people in Vietnam that doesn't involve the Vietnam war, then here you go. The good parts involve how nice it is to see the landscapes within the wold of water buffalo herders. The music is very nicely done as well. The actors work well in their roles. The bad is that the story is so damn depressing and takes it's time.
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