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April 26, 2014
The camera work is plain terrible and too distracting and the director feed all the lines to the subjects. It is a sickly fascinating subject, that can only be describe as cockfighting, and could have been told better by someone who knew what they were doing.
April 20, 2014
It certainly made me think. I had a good discussion of this movie afterward, albeit by myself.
February 9, 2014
A touching story about two 8 year old girls that compete in Muay Thai to earn money for their families. Could have used some background, the short run time leaves a lot out.
½ December 22, 2013
apenas: :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
April 28, 2013
Toddlers and Tiaras at my opinion more damaging than this.
But this is just my opinion.
November 12, 2012
I'm dumbfounded. I need to see it to understand.
November 11, 2012
No me gusta el boxeo, pero es interesante la premisa, me recuerda mucho la pelicula Warriors.
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