Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reviews

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October 15, 2007
Quite why Perry, as romantic interest, is still trying to convince peopel he is of high school age remains a mystery.
October 15, 2007
Joss Whedon's script has some fun with Valley talk (both genuine and ersatz) but strains to sell the story.
October 15, 2007
This pallid crossbreeding of vampire horror with Valley Girl vamping has no surprises.
October 15, 2007
A bloodless comic resurrection of the undead that goes serious just when it should get wild and woolly.
June 24, 2006
Unfocused stuff, pitched at undemanding teenagers.
July 1, 2005
June 22, 2005
April 17, 2005
A sometimes entertaining mess. (The TV series is, shockingly, a whole lot better.)
February 11, 2005
November 2, 2004
Grease in the 80s... with Vampires. Ugh.
September 3, 2004
June 2, 2004
From this whole thing, who comes out the best? Paul Reubens! Who knew?
April 14, 2004
January 11, 2004
November 19, 2003
My favorite TV show is Buffy, I still can't believe it came from this horrible movie.
September 4, 2003
June 26, 2003
May 20, 2003
A slight, good-humored film that's a lot more painless than might have been expected.
April 13, 2003
Not bad but pales to the terrific TV show.
March 23, 2003
Buffy the Vampire Slayer has a promising title and some good ideas, but fails to deliver the goods.
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