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February 12, 2011
A brilliantly dark season filled with death, hilarious villains and brilliant episodes.
June 20, 2010
This is by far my favorite season of my favorite show. Nothing compares. All of the characters develop and change so radically. There's so much creativity and smart plot twists going on, but not much gets beaten over your head. Alyson Hannigan's acting is so perfectly displayed in this series at this time of the show. What can I say? Absolutely brilliant. Thank you Joss for quality entertainment.
½ May 29, 2010
This was the worst out of all seven seasons. Nothing about this season was good.
½ May 27, 2010
My least favorite season, lol that is not saying much since I think all the seasons rock. Willow saved the season from being really bad in my opinion with her story line. The end of the season picked up steam. As anyone can tell Willow is my favorite character in Buffy. Yes Buffy saved the world a lot but Willow helped a bit too.
½ April 13, 2010
This season is much better than the previous one. This season has some great episodes in. The latter episodes of this season have a great on-going storyline and some great special effects.

"Once More, With Feeling" A demon arrives in Sunnydale that causes everyone so burst into song... need I say more.

"Tabula Rasa" Tara accuses Willow of using magic too much. After an argument Willow casts a spell so Tara won't remember. It goes wrong and the whole gang, including Spike loose thier memories.

"Normal" I think most series have an episode like this in them if they run for long enough. After being attacked by a demon Buffy begins to have day-dreams that shes in a mental hospital. The doctors there are telling her that her whole life in Sunnydale is just a figment of her imagination.
February 3, 2010
starts of very slow but soon the series kicks into full gear with some of the best plot lines of the entire series. the show was clearly borrowing from the dark phoenix saga from x men but considering they have failed to put that to film all is forgiven.
clever writing and some of the best plot twists and turns of all the seasons this is quite possible close to one of the best seasons.
the series has always had the dark edge but this season pushes it even further and it works well for a show that has run for this long. clever and fresh definately no signs of slowing down
½ October 20, 2009
Summary of the year of Buffy. Buffy is dead. Willow and friends cast a spell to bring her back to life. Buffy is back from the dead, but is disoriented and doesn't really know what is going on. She has brought a demon back with her. She has finanical problems when her basement gets flooded. The Geek Trio test the abilities of Buffy and ruins her cances for getting a job. Dawn lies to Buffy and spends Halloween night with a vampire and he ignores the no killing rule on Halloween. Buffy and the gang burst out in song in this episode. Buffy slleps with Spike. Willow cast some bad magic. The Geek Trio turn Buffy invisible. Buffy gets a job in a fast food resturant. Riley turns to Sunnydale with a wife. Xander and Anya's wedding day is here, but will they get married. Buffy is stung by a demon. Anya seeks revenge on Xander. Willow uses black magic for revenge. Spike finally tries to get his clip removed in Africa.
½ January 4, 2009
Sixth Season became the most controversial Season of Buffy. The cast didn't enjoy filming it, and a lot of the audience didn't enjoy watching it.
It got dark and depressing, and I adored it.

The comedy felt fresh and worked for me, and the drama was excellent. The girly teenage show was finally growing up it seemed. I enjoyed miserable Buffy more than ever before, I even felt for her at times. I enjoyed Willow's turn into magic the most, especially the Dark Willow arc got really epic.

If you watched Buffy to be entertained, Season 6 is probably a let down. But if you wanted a darker and moodier show, then the sixth Season will be a blast.

Ratings for Season 6:
Bargaining Part 1 - 7/10
Bargaining Part 2 - 7/10
After Life - 8/10
Flooded - 6/10
Life Serial - 7/10
All The Way - 6/10
Once More With Feeling - 8/10
Tabula Rasa - 7/10
Smashed - 7/10
Wrecked - 9/10
Gone - 5/10
Doublemeat Palace - 7/10
Dead Things - 9/10
Older And Far Away - 7/10
As You Were - 6/10
Hell's Bells - 7/10
Normal Again - 10/10
Entropy - 8/10
Seeing Red - 8/10
Villains - 10/10
Two To Go - 8/10
Grave - 9/10
May 6, 2007
one of the show's best seasons, it has some of my favorite episodes such as once more with feeling and life serial

darker storyline, a deeper message...

plus evil willow TOTALLY ROCKS!! the last three episodes are AMAZING
January 24, 2007
well here the 6 and 7
½ December 20, 2006
More crazy Buffyness. Some spectacular episodes: Once More With Feeling, Normal Again, and the last three season finale episodes were all amazing. Once More With Feeling in fact might just have been the best episode of the series. And the season finale... holy crap. This season, some weird stuff happens with Spike and also Willow. Not to mention Anya and Xander. Its all pretty intense. Anyways, what can I say, it was better than all of the other seasons except season 2. It was just too depressing and frustrating most of the time to be as good as 2 was. If I don't post a review for season 7 in the next 3 weeks, it means I've killed myself because I can't handle the fact that the show is over.
May 15, 2006
[b]Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season Six (2001-2002)[/b]
April 24, 2005
The only TV shows I even bother to watch are Buffy and Xena, they are really the only shows with women in the lead kicking a** along the way.
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