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July 27, 2017
Although the plot has been done many times before about standing up for yourself a bugs life perfects it with great performances and exhilarating action
½ July 21, 2017
The animation works well, but it's really the titular bugs and the premise that make A Bugs Life stand out.
July 1, 2017
Man this was amazing very action packed at the end
June 30, 2017
6/24/2017 (2): A decent movie with some funny moments.
½ June 28, 2017
After Pixar made it's box office success known as Toy Story, they had some pretty big shoes to fill in. What they made was A Bug's Life, which despite being a good film, was definitely a step down lower than its predecessor. Having a pretty cliche plot, cliche characters and a message that has been overused in other movies, A Bug's Life is still a great watch with the same heart and Pixar pizzazz that we've seen a many of its future installments. Overall, I give it a B!
½ June 23, 2017
9.5 out of 10:

It may not be the best but it still has great animation and is sometimes thrilling and sometimes funny.
½ June 18, 2017
A Bug's Life (1998) Doesn't really stand out that much to me when compared to Pixar's other works. However, there are still some elements that help this movie become an enjoyable experience for everyone.
The concept in all honesty is not really as that engaging as it should be. It tries to go for a liar revel storyline which in my case is not a huge problem. I always believe that execution is more important than just pointing out things that have already been done in other films. My real problem is how the tone tries to go for an somewhat juvenile approach. It's not to say the whole movie is like that, but it's over the top comedy and somewhat mean spiritedness of the ants really make the film feel kinda unbalanced and lacking the fun of what should be a likable movie. Despite it's unbalanced tone I do think the story has it's advantages. Some of the ideas that they have for the ant colony's way of living and the city of many different bugs can be kinda creative sometimes. When the film isn't being over the top, it can have it's charming and uplifting moments. I also think the 3rd act of the movie is amazing and is definitely worth the price of admission. It combines an action packed grasshopper battle with some very pivotal moments that really bring out the best in all the characters.
The characters are really the one's that help make this movie enjoyable and each have likable talent behind the voices. Flik is a charming outcast and he does have his moments of bravery. Dot is very cute, but sometimes I do think her role in the movie might be a little overplayed sometimes. All the Circus bugs are funny and really help bring a lot of comedy to the film and Hopper has got to be one of the most threatening villains in a Pixar movie. Some of the other characters like Atta, also can be fun sometimes but it kinda makes me cringe whenever they criticize Flik for being himself.
The Animation has really gotten better since "Toy Story" and it's my pleasure to say that it's one of the highlights of the movie. Each of the bugs have really appealing designs and I like how they made each ant character look different to tell each and everyone apart. The size and scope is what I think works the most the most. Since the movie's focus is on bugs, a lot of everyday things like rain, birds, grass and other small human objects appear much more bigger to our characters. Sometimes I wish they could have done more with the size and scope, but I think what they do show is really impressive and it's definitely a step up from Pixar's last movie.
The Music is surprisingly epic and really does a great job with capturing the emotion of every scene. Randy Newman returns after his score from "Toy Story" and I can tell he's had a lot of fun making the music because it's another aspect of the movie that really makes the film work.
The main theme of the soundtrack is probably one of my favorite things in the movie and it helps create a sense of an epic adventure.
While I think this movie isn't necessarily Pixar's best, I wouldn't say it's anywhere near bad or not worth seeing. The story is kinda a mix bag in my opinion but when it gets it right it does get it right. On top of that, The Characters, Animation and Music really help bring this movie to be an Entertaining and enjoyable film. It's not my personal favorite, but it definitely is a pretty good film to check out. (B+)
½ June 7, 2017
A Bug's Life is not a bad film. In fact, it's a good film. But it's on the lower end of Pixar's spectrum. The story in this movie is extremely clichéd, but it's a Disney movie, and Pixar was still working the kinks out at this point. This was the first time a Pixar film's story was thin, and it isn't the last, as the studio has had a recent trend with thin plots. I'll give it a pass, because, after this, Pixar's film's were really appealing to all audiences, instead of just kids. The characters, especially the circus troupe of bugs, are very three-dimensional. While there isn't any somber backstory to them, there doesn't have to be. Their actions, emotions and much more come into play here, and it makes the initially boring group become much more fun. Some of the comedy does feel forced here, though. There's a lot of puns that are used, like when the grasshoppers are throwing mosquitoes into a dartboard, or when a mosquito asks for a Bloody Mary in a bar. A Bug's Life is an inconsistent, though mostly entertaining, animated film.
½ May 30, 2017
A Bug's Life presents a great early example of the promise of Pixar...all the elements of potential are here: good animation, quality humour, and heart to match.
½ May 30, 2017
A bug's life is charming, and has a lot of character. It is a good movie for families, and it has a bit of charm to it. The only problem with this movie is, although it is good, it is rather forgettable, and not very rewatchable. I do, however, still recommend it.
May 12, 2017
OMG I LOVE A BUG'S LIFE. Animation is great. Plot is great. Jokes are funny & also, kid-friendly. Characters are well done(especially Heimlich the caterpillar) It's definitely one of my favorites. Great film for younger audiences. Definitely 10 out of 10 stars.
½ May 2, 2017
A fun movie for all ages!
May 2, 2017
This has wonderful animation, an excellent story, a great cast, and lots of humor.
April 22, 2017
Never been a big fan of this movie. It's not bad - I just don't like it.
April 20, 2017
The script, voice talent, and direction all hit home. Disney/Pixas strikes gold again! All the characters are very fleshed out and given time to breathe. Kevin Spacey as the villainous Hopper is amazing. He was the perfect choice to play this threat to the ant colony. Another vocal stand out is Dennis Leary as the Ladybug. Once the story gets rolling, which takes maybe 10 minutes, the film has its audience locked in and caring about this underdog Flick and his adventures to save the colony from the mistake that he made at the beginning of the film. I can't praise this film enough. Congratulations Disney/Pixar on another successful outing.
April 13, 2017
Pixar never fails me.
½ April 5, 2017
A Bug's Life brings so much joy and a memorable cast of characters to the screen, and was a staple in 90s and early 2000s children's childhoods. Still a fun movie as an adult, it contains a level of enjoyment most animated films today cannot capture.
March 29, 2017
Ants working with unusual "warriors" to get payback to the evil grasshoppers is OK. It may look like primitive animation, but at least it's better than Toy Story, in a way.
March 28, 2017
"A Bug's Life" demonstrates, alongside "Toy Story" that Pixar always knew how to make good animated features, both to entertain children without making adults bored out of their minds. This one is captivating thanks to its good casting choices, good characters and important meaning!
March 26, 2017
A cute but forgettable film, A Bug's Life has some funny good moments, but is hammered down by a bland protagonist, predictable story, and is disappointing in comparison with Toy Story. But it has the circus bugs and has some very funny moments, but again its not enough to make it that memorable to me, and is probably one of Pixar's weaker efforts.
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