Bulgarian Lovers Reviews

January 4, 2007
Has a verbal wit and tang to it, which set it quite above most gay film fare in literary terms.
November 4, 2004
cold and calculating, but it's a life
September 10, 2004
Well acted, and its Faustian dynamic of mutual exploitation would be absorbing enough, but as Kyril draws Daniel into ever shadier situations, the film loses its tone and devolves into absurd political farce.
August 21, 2004
...hackneyed and dull...
June 25, 2004
Slightly better than some recent skin-deep gay- and lesbian-themed movies.
June 11, 2004
These Bulgarians might be nice to look at, but they have no depth - kind of like this movie. So I was entertained on the surface level, who needs depth anyway,
June 10, 2004
Shows that Mr. De la Iglesia's long absence hasn't dulled his sense of stylish, cinematic storytelling.
June 10, 2004
Garish, frenetic, but curiously dull...suffers from a serious case of the cutes, a disease that in this case proves fatal.
June 3, 2004
The screenplay contains enough witty elements to lift it above the average sex farce.
June 1, 2004
Won't leave you disappointed, but it may leave you hungry for something more substantial.
May 13, 2004
Sly, swift, succinct -- and very sexy.
May 12, 2004
A witty, unsentimental class comedy.
April 30, 2004
De la Iglesia's years of filmmaking experience are obvious in the film's formal touches.
April 30, 2004
As Daniel is drawn deeper into Kyril's web of shady business dealings, the film completely loses its way.
April 29, 2004
Bulgarian Lovers observes the interplay of sex, power and money with a cool, amused attitude and a fine sense of social detail.
April 27, 2004
Full of charm, entertaining enough as it unfolds, good looking, but not especially memorable in retrospect.
April 27, 2004
We'd gladly give ourselves over to the literate if chatty script and the generous helpings of Bulgarian beefcake, but our interest flags the moment Biba puts his clothes back on.