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January 3, 2018
Best movie of the 20th and so far, the 21st centuries
½ October 23, 2017
Ok Kevin Costner movie.
October 22, 2017
A surprisingly smart and sultry comedy of fielding errors, which owes a lot of its success to Sarandon's strong realization of a character that, in lesser hands, likely would have come off as especially sexist. While Sarandon is the MVP, the best parts of the film are nonetheless the moments on the field, which zoom in on the psychology of the game.
½ September 18, 2017
Sports comedy about a minor league catcher, his dimwitted pitcher, and a female fan who wants to date both of them. Really funny. But it's tough for me to truly love this movie. It needed to go beyond the PG-13 fluff.
June 3, 2017
Robbins and Costner share a hilarious chemistry. Some really fun moments and a bunch of quirky characters make this a joy. Even when it's just as much about relationships as it is about baseball.
May 30, 2017
Sappy and not very interesting but it does have a certain classic feel to it that makes it watchable. For a sports movie, it definitely focuses on the relationships between the characters more than the actual game which I'm always a fan of in this genre. It's just that the characters aren't very interesting, especially Susan Sarandon who seems very one dimensional.
Super Reviewer
½ May 13, 2017
Who doesn't love a great sports movie? Sometimes sports can provide a nice avenue for a perfect character arc. The ups, downs, and overall weirdness that sports can supply is well encapsulated with Bull Durham.

The things I look for in a sports movie are; if the film is accessible to non-sports fans; provides an accurate look at sports from people who do play sports; and if it's able to cover multiple genres, whether that be comedy, drama, romance, or whichever. Bull Durham accomplishes all of those things surprisingly well. Kevin Costner, in one of his 3 baseball movies, gives one of his most memorable performances as Crash Davis, a close-to-retirement minor league baseball player who never got his true shot at fulfilling his dreams in the big-leagues.

That's the strongest asset the film boasts, is the bittersweet story of someone who gave it his all and even then, it may not be enough to be successful. Due to me being a ballplayer myself, this especially hit home, because I had those dreams when I was younger. To watch someone struggle for over a decade in the minors and still never get his shot is tough to watch. Luckily, Bull Durham isn't a straight drama, it's got a bit of comedy and a whole lot of romance.

Costner plays the catcher (Davis) to a young project-pitcher, 'Nuke' Laloosh, played by Tim Robbins. Davis is forced to train Nuke to use his strong arm to reach the minors and to do more with his life than just lay with the next beautiful woman in the stands. That relationship is the core of the film, as is Susan Sarandon's dynamic and potential romance with them both. Sarandon's character feels a little bit like it was a female character written in a different era and rarely holds up. Think about it, she spends all of her time watching baseball in an attempt to find the next player she can sleep with. Granted, she does offer some useful advice every once in a while, but it isn't anything earth-shattering. I hardly think a character like this would be written in today's Hollywood.

Baseball is known as the most "romantic" sport, and Bull Durham personifies that belief. It's as romantic as it is thrilling and hilarious. That's the thing I'll take away from watching Bull Durham, is how well it balanced the baseball and romance aspects of the film. Complement that with a bittersweet story, memorable performances, and a funny script and you have one of the great sports movies of the last 30 years.


+Romance & baseball

+Back and forth with Catcher-Pitcher dynamic

-Sarandon's character motives don't hold up

½ April 26, 2017
With a smart script and fine performances, it's easy to see where this sports comedy earns its status as a classic.
February 4, 2017
Baseballia, komediaa ja romantiikkaa samassa paketissa. Pointsit hyville näyttelijöille. ^_^ (Suom. Vamppi ja veteraani).
January 31, 2017
A little slow in some parts but one of my favorite baseball movies of all time
October 5, 2016
The movie that made me realize why everybody loves baseball in the first place
½ October 1, 2016
This movie is entertaining for the most part. I enjoyed Kevin Costner's performance in this movie. Susan Sarandon also does very well in the movie. There is good chemistry among the entire cast and the ending was satisfying to me.
September 24, 2016
I saw this many years ago, but didn't remember it at all so it was like seeing it for the first time. It's a good story well told with strong acting. Costner is perfect in this type of role, Tim Robbins is hilarious, and Susan Sarandon beautiful and alluring. The film is quite funny as well. Well worth a watch!
½ September 2, 2016
Bit lost by the praise lavished on this film and I love a bit of Costner. It's not funny and it's not particularly engaging, in fact it's pretty much as dull as watching baseball in real life. This is no 'Field of Dreams'.
July 17, 2016
Even if the stakes could not be lower (they couldn't) this is worth the watch for Tim Robbins alone, who steals the show like it's first base.
½ May 14, 2016
Another Kevin Costner baseball film. Dubbed as a hilarious comedy but isn't. It's just another baseball film. Thank god the English don't churn out loads of films about rounders every year eh.
April 13, 2016
#1 sports movie
#1 baseball movie
top 10 any movie
January 24, 2016
One of the funniest films ever made and THE greatest baseball film of all time, Bull Durham catches the spirit of the American pastime and romance in a way that is unique, novel, and interesting. Boasting strong, well-fleshed out characters played by Sarandon, Costner, and Robbins, this film delivers some of the heartiest laughs, especially for a baseball fan.
January 3, 2016
"And I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days." ~ Crash Davis, played by Kevin Costner
December 20, 2015
One of the funniest films of all time and quite the philosophical rumination on love and baseball.
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