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Bullet to the Head Quotes

  • Jimmy Bobo: I know. I've heard the speech. You should have taken him in.

  • Jimmy Bobo: You're starting to sound like a broken record.
    Taylor Kwon: They don't even make records anymore.
    Jimmy Bobo: Right.

  • Taylor Kwon: You don't just kill a guy like that!
    Jimmy Bobo: I just did!

  • James Bonomo: Bang. Down. Owned.

  • James Bonomo: Are you a cop or shrink?

  • Robert Nkomo Morel: In classical literature... the hero dies.
    Robert Nkomo Morel: In classical literature the hero dies.

  • James Bonomo: You had me at fuck you.
    Morel: If I wanted your opinion I would have bought you a brain.

  • Taylor Kwon: I'm from Florida.
    Taylor Kwon: I'm from Florida!

  • Jimmy Bobo: I got some rules. No women... No children.

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