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½ July 2, 2016
"The Bullet Train" is an exhilarating suspense movie with realistic depictions of bullet train operations, a believable story featuring characters with clear motivations, and a life-like (and somewhat cynical) look at police tactics. This was the inspiration for the movie Speed, but should be appreciated on its own merits. The main criticism people have of the film seems to be it is marketed as a Sonny Chiba film when he really has a secondary role as the train conductor. The sentiment is he was miscast, even though he is quite good in the role. High-quality suspense film, overall.
½ February 8, 2012
I went into this film expecting the normal run of the mill Sonny Chiba film, with lots of karate and ass kicking, but I instead got a disaster film in which my badass lead plays a tense train conductor and it just wasn't what I was looking for.

Worth a look if you know what you're getting into I suppose, as it's not a BAD movie, it just wasn't what I wanted.
December 29, 2011
i want to see this movie.. how? pls. guide
April 11, 2011
Toll gemachter und spannender Film.
February 6, 2011
January 26, 2011
The Film That Inspired "Speed". This Is better than "Speed" Could ever be, and I love "Speed". I guess Sonny Chiba is just more interesting than Keanu Reeves.
½ January 9, 2011
"Speed" completely ripped this movie off about at train that will blow-up if it slows below 80 KPH. Sonny Chiba is a humble machinist in this film and does not play his usual killing machine, which is somewhat of a disappointment. Ken "Black Rain" Takakura gets more of the action. This film is essentially a Japanese version of the 1970s disaster film cycle ("Airport", "Towering Inferno", etc...), which is not really a good thing.
½ July 11, 2010
Essentially SPEED on a high speed rail train. The difference being that the train is being held prisoner by a group of domestic terrorists instead of a single "lone nut". At 2 hours 35 minutes, tho, there's way too much exposition. The train ride itself is supposed to take ten hours, and the movie feels almost like real time. That being said, it's an undeniably great premise.
½ June 26, 2010
Something real interesting is going on in here and I want in on it

A Japanese bullet train has been loaded with a dynamite bomb with a timer that will cause it to explode if the train reaches a speed below 80 mph (I could have the speed measurement wrong). Because of the speed of the train, no one can come on or off the train and the train will have to be cautious when driving through cities until someone can figure out how to locate and disarm the bomb.

"It's turning out to be a real rotten little deal."

Junya Sato, director of Lost in the Wilderness, Dream of Russia, Golgo 13, The Private Police, The Ando File, The True Account of Ginza Tortures, and Never Give Up, delivers Bullet Train. The storyline for this picture will remind viewers of a cross between Pelham One Two Three and Speed. The acting is surprisingly solid and the cast includes Sonny Chiba (in a very limited role), Ken Takakura (Black Rain), Kei Yamamoto (Premonition), Eijo Go (The Executioner), Yumiko Fujita (Time and Tide), Etsuko Shihomi (Karate Bear Fighter and The Bodyguard), and Fumio Watanabe (Scorpion: Female Prisoner Cage #41).

"The bomber will take the money and let the train explode anyway?"

While this movie is part of the "Kill Chiba" collection, I hardly consider this a Chiba picture. He barely appears in this film at all; however, the villain delivers a solid performance and makes up for a lack of Chiba. The ultimate plot and sub plots make the film worthwhile. I will say the film is a little slow and does not come across as dramatic as the director may have intended, but I still found this film entertaining.

"I can take a lot more than you can ever give out."

Grade: B-
June 20, 2010
Much as I love Sonny Chiba, I couldn't really focus on this. Probably because there wasn't much of him in this.
December 20, 2009
Not quite the action filled adventure you'd expect from Sonny Chiba. And at with a whopping 2 and a half hours of running time, Bullet Train does tend to drag on abit.
Still, as far as a pre-speed plot of a bomb-rigged train unable to travel less than 80km/h, quite enjoyable.
Chiba doesn't have a great role in this, the film mostly revolves around the police force and the 'terrorists' who rigged the train, with the occasional backflash explaining the bad guy's past. With some impressive cinematography, plenty of focus pulling and an old school 70s soundtrack, Bullet Train still has the same feel to it as Chiba's Street Fighter trilogy, even with it's distict lack of combat.
October 9, 2009
?幹?大??破, a bomb is set on a Shinkansen, triggered when it goes over 80km/h. If its drops below 80, well, a lot of troubled Japanese commuters, and 1500 dead bodies. At first I thought the film would center around Sonny Chiba helping passengers and driving the train, the film ended up being a lot about the terrorist played by the awesome Ken Takakura, and flashbacks to his intentions and devastation. And wow, 152 minutes just flies by.
½ July 25, 2009
The Bullet Train is certainly more nuanced than the other Sonny Chiba movies that I have grown accustomed to watching. Bad guys aren't caricatures and moral decisions are agonized over by the good guys. That said, on the whole, The Bullet Train left me unimpressed.
½ December 23, 2008
Cheesy 1970's movie, a lot of scenes from the original Japanese version has been edited out, pity.
October 12, 2008
J'ai vu ce film au forum des images a Chatelet a l'occasion de l'etrange festival. On diffusait la version francaise du film qui dure 1h35. Il existe egalement une version americaine de 1h50 et la version originale japonaise de 2h20. Ce film de 1975 avait ete exploite en France en pleine guerre concurrentielle entre le TGV et Shinkensen. Le film est alors devenu la vitrine publicitaire du train français en faisant du Shinkensen un tombeau roulant. Petit florileges demonstratifs:
-Ainsi lorsque le chef de la securite telephone au conducteur du Ikari 109 pour le prevenir de la presence d'une bombe a bord de son train, celui-ci repond d'une maniere nonchalante : "Une bombe? Encore !" (traduction c'est monnaie courante.)
-Un peu plus tard, le chef ajoutera qu'un systeme sense assurer la securite des voyageurs - le coupe-circuit d'urgence qui arrete le train lorsqu'il y a un obstacle sur la voie - avait failli tous les tuer.
-Quand le chef des terroristes enonce ses exigences, cinq millions de dollars en billets de cent usagés, son interlocuteur panique car la rancon representait plus d'un milliard de yens, somme que ne peut reunir la societe japonaise des transports ferroviaires (traduction la societe est fauchee).
Le film a ete mal raccourci, a plusieurs reprises des coupures apparaissent au milieu de certaines phrase, a tel point que cela en devient evident. On peut deviner ou le film a ete coupe. La reecriture des dialogues est indeniable, le film etant plus court de presque une heure, il fallait faire en sorte que le film puisse etre comprehensible. Au passage, ils sont devenus furieusement politises:
-On insiste lourdement dur le passe gauchiste d'un des terroristes.
-Après l'appel revendicatif du chef du gang, les autorites demandent quoi, qu'on arrete pour interrogatoire tous les gauchistes notoires. Le film avait de violents relents anticommunistes. Ils etaient peut-etre deja present dans le film de depart car le Japon avait des demeles avec les activistes du Nihon Sekigun lorsque le film était en chantier. Mais on ne me retirera pas de la tete que la version francaise du film est plus marquee a droite que l'original. De plus, on présente la police japonaise comme une bande de brutes qui frappe avant de poser des questions. Une scene m'a particulièrement fait rire : la panique gagne une des passageres, un homme essaye de la calmer, en la secouant comme un prunier, puis la gifle violemment de toutes ses forces. Cette scène fut reprise a plusieurs reprises dans le film "Y a-t-il un pilote dans l'avion?" et sa sequelle ou l'inverse. Le doublage francais est execrable, les doubleurs n'avaient aucune conviction en ce qu'il faisaient. Si au Japon, c'est un film catastrophe, j'ai eu l'impression de voir une parodie. Juste avant le film, une courte introduction video avait ete faite par Sonny Chiba, l'acteur dont on rendait hommage ce soir. Il avait dit que ce film avait eu du succès en France. La, je demande en tant que quoi, film catastrophe comme 'la tour infernal" ou en tant que comedie satyrique de ce genre de films. En conclusion, j'ai eu de la chance de prendre ce film au second degre car toutes les erreurs cites precedemment rendent le film peu credible.
½ July 23, 2008
Where the film Speed nicked the idea from is evident. Good thriller well executed. Love the fact there is a great deal of emphasis to sympathise with the bombers.Chiba bigs it up again but in a smaller role!!!!!
Super Reviewer
May 9, 2008
This movie totally ripped-off Speed(1994)
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