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Bulworth Quotes

  • Jay Bulworth: What we used to call America, that going down the drains.

  • Jay Bulworth: We got a club. Right? Republicans, Democrats, what's the difference? Your guys, my guys, our guys, us guys. It's a club.

  • Nina: The power of a media that's continually controlled by fewer and fewer people, add to that monopoly of the media , a consumer culture that that's based on self-gratification, and you're not likely to have a population that wants leadership that calls for self-sacrifice.

  • Jay Bulworth: Now over here we have our friends in oil they don't give a shit how much wilderness is spoiled. They tell us that they're careful, we know that it's a lie, As long as we keep driving cars, they let the planet die.

  • Jay Bulworth: Taxpayers, taxpayers take in the rear.

  • Jay Bulworth: Now people got their problems, the haves and the have-nots, but the ones that make me listen pay for thirty second spots.

  • Jay Bulworth: The funny thing is how lousy most of your stuff is. You know, you make violent films, you make dirty films, you make family films, but just most of them are not very good, are they? Funny, that so many smart people can work so hard on them, and spend all that money on them, and, what do you think it is? It must be the money. I turns everything to crap.

  • Jay Bulworth: We told you what you wanted to hear, we got our pictures taken, and we pretty much forgot about it.

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