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April 5, 2008
Makes me embarassed being white.
½ March 17, 2008
Originally aired in Australia on the ABC as "Heartland", and focussing on an Aboriginal community in a remote New South Wales costal town, this series is a mix of murder mystery, love story and social commentary. Once you get past the very poor production and the dated look, there is a lot going for this early Cate Blanchett vehicle, especially as the story progresses and you get sucked in. Also featuring excellent performances from Ernie Dingo, Jeremy Sims and an outstanding Aboriginal support cast. I really liked this and I think it deals quite well with the complexities of the issues at hand.
½ October 21, 2007
How srikingly race issues in Australia parallel race issues in the US! How unsettling the injustice and damage that "white" social structures can wreak. The first episode of the series is really poorly shot--terrible lighting and editing and videography but the following episodes are so much better and maybe it is also because the story sucks you in so that you no longer notice the unrefined technique. The series is striking in its realism and the gradual unfoldment of the characters' lives so that one gradually feels trapped by the maddening complexity of the issues and the blatant injustices perpetrated knowingly and unknowingly. We are given an insight into aboriginal life, family and culture in contemporary Australia. Also played out so well are the internal contradictions faced by those of aboriginal background who manage to "succeed" in the white man's world. They must constantly struggle to make it, all the while feeling torn in their hearts by a sense of betrayal and disloyalty to their own people
July 10, 2006
More people should watch this!
½ June 28, 2006
We have to remember this was a made for TV mini-series in Oz. Some of the "cheaper" production values are quite apparent. But, Cate elevates mediocrity to watchability with a single glance. Kudos to Ernie Dingo's performance too.
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