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Bushbaby Quotes

  • Tilison: Your wife was killed in the uprising.
    John Leeds: That was an accident.
    Tilison: In 1956 your houseboy, Tembo Murumbi, was suspected of Mau Mau activities.
    John Leeds: What are you trying to say?
    Tilison: We all know the African mentality.
    John Leeds: Do we?
    Tilison: It's very likely he has a resentment against you.
    John Leeds: No..
    Tilison: You do admit the possibility?

  • John Leeds: If it is Tembo with Jackie, I don't want him arrested. You know what could happen.
    Tilison: Isn't the important thing your daughter's safety?
    John Leeds: If she's with Tembo she's safe.

  • Jackie: That was a wonderful supper, Tembo. I'm full and happy, and not afraid anymore.
    Tembo: To be not afraid is not be careless.
    Jackie: What is there to fear, eh, Komba?
    Tembo: The galago fears little because he knows little. The lion fears much because he is wise and knows much.
    Jackie: Did you hear what he said? He thinks you're stupid. You're not stupid, are you, Komba?

  • Jackie: Oh, he's so tiny.
    Tembo: He's a young one!
    Jackie: What shall I call him?
    Tembo: He has many names: bushbaby, galago.. In swahili he's called Komba.
    Jackie: Komba? That's marvelous. Hey Komba, Komba..! Oh thank you, Tembo. Asante sana.
    Tembo: Stahere, mtoto.

  • Steward: Blimey!
    Jackie: It's alright, I can make up my own bed.
    Steward: What in heaven's name you got in there, miss?
    Jackie: Nothing..
    Steward: Well, a bit noisy for nothing..
    Jackie: I'll show you if you promise not to say anything.
    Steward: It isn't a snake, is it?
    Jackie: No. Bushbaby.
    Steward: Queer, ain't it? It looks a bit like a monkey.
    Jackie: Would you like to hold him? He's very gentle.
    Steward: I'll take your word for it, miss.

  • John Leeds: I've arranged for Tembo to keep the flowers watered.
    Jackie: I wish Tembo were coming with us.
    John Leeds: He'll be at the boat to see us off. Jackie, Tembo belongs in Africa.
    Jackie: Like Komba? I belong here, too. I was born here. I don't want to go away.
    John Leeds: It can't be helped, Jackie. I don't want to leave Africa any more than you do.
    Jackie: It isn't only Africa, I have to leave everything.

  • Jackie: I'm sorry, Tembo. I should have gone to the police like you said.
    Tembo: There is a saying: "All the yesterdays cannot make one tomorrow."
    Tembo: There is a saying: All the yesterdays cannot make one tomorrow.

  • Prof. "Cranky" Crankshaw: I'll have you hanged for this, you bloody devil. There's still some law and order left in this country!
    Prof. "Cranky" Crankshaw: I'll have you hanged for this, you bloody devil. You mark my words. There's still some law and order left in this country!

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