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December 30, 2016
Two strangers who work for the same company, one as the CEO and the other as what would now be an IT person (but then was an AV technician), meet in a bar after the AV woman blows a deal for the CEO by arriving 45 minutes late. They decide to hang out together for no good reason and cause havoc in the life of a headhunter the CEO appears to know more than casually. This drama is boring. Color by numbers stuff in TV movie production living color. Nothing new or interesting presented.
½ July 13, 2013
Stiles and Channing were good in this and they were also the best part of this movie.
½ May 24, 2013
The Business of Strangers is about the world of those women jockeying their lives in the phallocentric spheres of our society. It's a great movie done with very little.

The good. Simple yet very elegant mood and settings. Solid editing. Interesting, realistic, and straight forward story. Nicely put together characters who evolve before our eyes.

The actors. In this production, we can see Julia Stiles starting to spread her wings and some of her potential. However, as much as I love her, Stockard Channing is the real star here. She portrays the power business woman, her struggle and her changes of mood, with incredible clarity.

The bad. The emptiness of ordinary lives usually filled with glitz and details by Hollywood can be slightly disorienting here. I think it's perfect, but not for everyone.

The ugly. Nothing.

The result. Very low key character driven film. Don't expect a dazzling display, turn on your brain, and you won't be disappointed.
½ November 27, 2012
middle to the end it perks up a bit
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½ October 2, 2012
Slight, but interesting. Julia Stiles plays troubled very well!
April 25, 2012
Nothing is what it seems, not even in this movie which tries to be interesting..but fails.
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½ March 31, 2012
Business of Strangers is yet another smart, if not strange, indie drama from IFC. The dynamic between the two lead actresses, Julia Stiles and Stockard Channing, is engrossing, and helps make the film a powerful and effective character study. The script is strong, and features a number of very interesting dialogue exchanges. I would have liked the running time to be a bit longer, and perhaps give so more insight into Julia Stiles' character. As such, the ending didn't quite work for me. The motivations and supposed apparent vulnerabilities she had earlier in the film seem undermined by an ending that suggests a much different, probably sociopathic, person. So in that respect, the film can be thought of as a bit uneven. Still, predominately effective and always interesting.

3.5/5 stars
November 25, 2011
Sparse, terse, perverse.
½ September 26, 2011
This is a disappointingly dull film, enlivened only by the performances of the two leading actors, Stockard Channing and Julia Stiles, which are out of keeping with the film as a whole. Channing plays a high-flying business executive whose life is her work but who is insecure and thinks she faces the sack. Stiles is her assistant. Initially, they fall out. But, while stranded at an airport hotel, they patch up their differences and form an alliance against a smarmy male headhunter whom they both know. The problem with the film is that, despite the good leading performances (particularly Channing's), it simply fails to grab one's attention. It has the feel of a low-budget made for TV film or one that is destined for an immediate DVD release. While not a terrible film, it lacks that certain something. I simply was not interested in what happened next and my attention wandered away from the film all too frequently during its 85 minutes. Unmemorable. 5/10.
½ September 22, 2011
Poignant albeit brutal tale of two eager women; one has passed her prime and bears the scares of male dominated business world of the early new millennium is aggressively portrayed to a 'T' (as in Tenacious) by Stockard Channing who is chillingly ruthless from frame to frame. The other younger, equally crafty, as well as wickedly sly woman is played by Julia Stiles who no doubt is cast by design to steal the glances of the male audience as well as any opposite gender who crosses her intended path in this story of destructive payback. Stiles' character is manipulatively calculating as she subtly unfolds a selfish plan to map a path to her own success yet who's comeuppance could inevitably be in her near future at the hands of her adversary's lofty ranking... or possibly visa-versa? This is given the fact that both become disillusioned by the cardinal sins of greed, envy and last but certainly not least, lust. Gets off the track a bit with the man-humiliation angle which may have went a bit too far but Channing is stellar and Stiles is something to be reckoned with in this picture in more ways than one as both should be duly commended for their outstanding performances. Comparisons to Neil LaBute's powerful 1997 'In the Company of Men' are inevitable but still stands well on its own. So... Ladykillers beware!
½ August 30, 2011
Um, Julia Stiles is in it.
January 4, 2011
Outstanding (but discreet) performances, and a good examination of the inhuman nature of capitalist (anti-)social and (bi)sexual relations, and ultimately pleasantly nihilistic (and so still bound by capitalism). It may well be a case of feminism vs. post-feminism, feminism converted to post-feminism.
½ November 28, 2010
Funny and unpredictable.
½ August 10, 2010
I managed to watch 24 minutes, but I was almost bored to death, so I decided to just watch small glimpses of the movie. It seemed really weird, pointless and boring.
½ May 30, 2010
Great acting by the leads, especially Stockard Channing. It starts out a bit slow but in doing so the characters become nicely developed. Effective character interaction. Suspenseful and it always held my interest. A few good twists are a plus.
May 30, 2010
68/100. Great acting by the leads, especially Stockard Channing. It starts out a bit slow but in doing so the characters become nicely developed. Effective character interaction. Suspenseful and it always held my interest. A few good twists are a plus.
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½ May 19, 2010
What was the point of it all???
March 17, 2010
Good...It had a slight lesbian air to it. Too bad they didn't go further with that..."
February 24, 2010
Bizarre, yet interesting. I recommend this to those who like psychological thrillers, it'll keep ya guessing...
½ January 15, 2010
I'm such a masochist when it comes to movies. I saw this at the video store and thought it would be a Lifetime movie. I was surprised and saddened that it wasn't. Also, I'm not sure it had a plot, just a series of strange events that were strung together.
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