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½ November 6, 2009
*** (out of four)

Stockard Channing gives a great performance and Julia Stiles somehow manages not to embarass herself.

Stiles plays Stockard Channing's assistant. During an out of town meeting the assistant is fired,but when Channing is promoted, they meet up in the hotel bar and try to make amends. It turns mean is clearly meant to be a female version of "In the Company of Men."
September 8, 2009
This is stellar terse and bitter pill
½ August 6, 2009
Hmm. Unusual. Glad that Paula woman did not get the better of her boss in the end.Although Paula was trying to be superior to everyone else it was actually her with the issues. Felt a bit sorry for the corporate recruiter bering accused of all those things that he had not done.
July 18, 2009
nothing is what it seems not even in this movie which tries to be interesting..but fails.
April 18, 2009
Similar message as in Francois Ozon's [Swimming Pool], in a cheesy, commercial form & nobody dies, but came two years ahead. Irrational it is, & probably not that truly feminine too after all, kinda neat overall however.
Super Reviewer
March 14, 2009
A simple stories about strangers who click and seek to get revenge on a man.
March 14, 2009
gotta love Stockard :D
January 1, 2009
useless movies are few and far between, but are still a waste of time. ignore this film.
December 10, 2008
no thanks not my kinda thing
½ November 28, 2008
Ca tient pas la route !
September 25, 2008
Interesting character study.
Super Reviewer
September 12, 2008
Ohhh... like it... kinda creepy.
July 19, 2008
just... weird... the conclusion of the plot made absolutely no sense whatsoever... and the acting was pretty bad...
June 24, 2008
strange movie... lots of unanswered questions
June 13, 2008
this movie was awesome
June 4, 2008
A nice little dialogue drama, featuring Julia Stiles' best performance... though that isn't saying much.
May 25, 2008
I didn't really care for this movie, It was missing something.
May 19, 2008
I watched this movie because it was a free drama via "On Demand" and had a couple bigger names in it. It is not worth watching or writing about. The best thing about it - it's under 90 minutes.
½ April 24, 2008
Corporate America is a soul-sucker that reduces people from humans to income-making machines. It does seem silly since they are only working to achieve material wealth, which most people undoubtedly associate with happiness... What a ridiculous, vicious cycle.
"The Business of Strangers" challenges both corporate America and simultaneously confronts the issue of postmodern feminism in the corporate world (i.e.- predominant, male occupations). While it is true that this view is taken on the defensive of feminism (through a deranged, uniquely feminist character), the effectiveness of the film's universality is steady. Neither Stockard Channing nor Julia Stiles are, then, portraying characters too far from their cinematic realm, especially considering their past roles; all the more, these characters seem made for them.
It is nearly impossible to describe the plot of this movie without disclosing the point if its existence, and while that may be true of a lot of movies, "Strangers" is very simple, short, and direct. Drawing this story out would have been suicide for the filmmakers and studios, and excruciating for the audience, but it's a solid hour and twenty minutes.
Much like "Pretty Persuasion" (certainly one of my favorites), the agenda of the wayward character (in this case, Stiles) isn't fully realized until the end; although, an intelligent audience can see it coming before its arrival, we end up watching the other character (Channing) awaken to this conclusion with a consuming fascination.
The actors do a well-enough job during the plot's roughly 15 hour time span, keeping the audience curiously involved and then begin to question our sympathies with characters who bloom into creatures of unlikable forwardness.
To exercise my miniscule-complaint-card as a critic, I noticed no one in this movie finished a drink (on screen, at least). Now, many were ordered and many were sipped, even two that cost 20 bucks a glass, but never finished. This is, for me, the equivalent of putting mail in your mailbox and then not raising the flag... silly, but ever presently annoying.
April 21, 2008
Valium, vodka, and pathological liar all mixed together into a freaky/twisted script. Stockard Channing is brilliant, as always.
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