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April 26, 2015
interesting comedy from horror meister William castle
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½ August 26, 2011
When the best thing you can say about a movie is that you didn't hate it that seems to be damning it with faint praise but really this film is so contrived it's hard to say anything else. First the good, Robert Ryan provides his usual touch of class to the proceedings and Anne Baxter, looking stunning with skyscraper hair, is wonderfully droll. Kay Medford is amusing as the overbearing mother even if her part is silly and Arlene Golonka is sweet and kooky. The main story is lame, and the use of obvious dummies for the bodies is just stupid. The real weak link is the star. Sid Caesar proves he was not leading man material with a performance so arch as to be painful to watch. Okay to pass the time with once or if you are a completist for either Ryan or Baxter films but do not go out of your way.
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½ April 6, 2011
Maybe it was funny once upon a time but it's not so funny anymore.This movie stunk & I fell asleep 10 minutes after watching it
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½ December 11, 2010
This movie was really hilarious and I really enjoyed it, but it gets kind of boring towards the end. The story is familiar to us today, but I still enjoyed the characters and actors playing them. Richard Pryor has a very funny, but small role. Overall it's pretty good.
February 25, 2009
Saw this movie when I was younger late at night on TV! Havent been able to find it since. One of the funniest movies I have ever seen and I believe Richard Pryor's first movie.
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