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Crime is also ugly. Eric Roberts gets framed and then shoots almost everybody. Pretty gritty, stark and bleak. Interesting, though. I've watched it a couple times. This one is cold-blooded.

Alaine B
Alaine B

If you like bad movies this is a good bad movie. The acting is over the top and the script is bad. The characters are cliche and the plot predictable. Let me back up, Merle Hench, (like the henchman, haha, i get it), is a former boxer and enforcer for the mob who gets set up by his former associates. Betrayed by his comrades, he gets lucky and takes some of the money from the heist, money that belongs to yet another mob. Then the gunfights begin. Throw in a trashy waitress with a terrible accent and we've got a movie! Its got some action, but even the bullet holes in the cars follow predictable lines. Predictable and over the top, but oh so enjoyable to watch! Ultraviolent in places with slow-motion shots of gangsters getting shot-gun blasts to their chest, I couldn't stop watching even though I tried. Merle Hench couldn't stop either. The movie could have ended 30 minutes before it did, but Hench decides if He's going to get blamed for the whole crime, He's going to take all the cash and go out with guns blazing. Insert some love scenes, minus the nudity, and this train wreck keeps a rollin'. I could't help but smile as the final gun battle played out and Hench acutally blew a guys head off, literally. I won't spoil the ending of this movie. If you like bad movies with terrible acting, bad cinematogrophy and pathetic plots you'll love this movie. A wannabee tale of betrayal and revenge the movie gets in the way of the story and falls far short of what it could have been.

patrick pitts
patrick pitts

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