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August 3, 2013
A performance of Roger Glover's "The Butterfly Ball" was filmed in 1977 by Tony Klinger, who notably produced "The Kids Are Alright". The performance was for charity, so most of the musicians associated with the all-star album reappear here. Almost anybody associated with Deep Purple appears (except for Ritchie Blackmore) and a host of musicians from closely associated bands. Fans of the region where prog rock meets heavy metal will find a lot to like here, but frankly, the quality of the music is uneven. For every great track, there's a lousy one. One issue is that Glover seems to have been committed to having a different singer for every track. Asa result, some guys get songs that fit their vocal style (David Coverdale), some really do not (Ian Gillan). A huge downside is the live action dramatizations involving people in dime-store animal costumes. They are cheap, creepy and just drag the whole thing down.

Interesting aside ... Al Matthews who went on to play Sgt. Apone in "Aliens" is one of the singers.
½ February 17, 2010
awful, truly awful the basis of awful only got ten percent because i had to.
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