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Cabaret Quotes

  • Sally Bowles: Come to the Cabaret old bum, come the the Cabaret.

  • Sally Bowles: Are you AC/DC Brian? The economy is in shambles, let's be bourgeoisie and decadent.

  • Brian Roberts: Listen Sally, I swing both ways.

  • Sally Bowles: My beloved wife, remember the filthy moments we had before marriage!

  • Master of Ceremonies: [speaking to audience] Where are your troubles now? Forgotten! I told you so. We no troubles here. Here life is beautiful.

  • Sally Bowles: I saw a film about syphilis. Ugh! It was too awful. I couldn't let a man touch me for two weeks.
    Sally Bowles: Bumsen.
    Brian Roberts: THAT would be the German word you pronounce perfectly (bumsen).
    Sally Bowles: Well I ought to. I spent the entire afternoon bumsening like mad with this ghastly old producer who promised to get me a contract.

  • Brian Roberts: Screw Maximillian!
    Sally Bowles: I do.
    Brian Roberts: So do I.
    Sally Bowles: You two bastards!
    Brian Roberts: Two? Two? Shouldn't that be three?

  • Sally Bowles: Divine decadence

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