Café Lumiere Reviews

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April 1, 2006
March 19, 2006
Framing the visual haphazardness of urban streets in exquisite, dense, Shiko-like scroll paintings, Hou demonstrates how even in a megalopolis life is lived on a human scale, one day, one person at a time.
March 10, 2006
A tribute to Yasujiro Ozu that can be seen as one film great saluting another from a different culture and time period.
January 26, 2006
Like all Hou films, viewers will want to ponder Cafe Lumiere and its many layers well after this year's Oscars have come and gone.
December 30, 2005
Hou doing Ozu--what more could a cineaste want?
December 28, 2005
June 21, 2005
The film looks for small connections and fragments of significance in the comings and goings of everyday life.
June 16, 2005
Hou's sensitivity plus Ozu's inspiration equals sublimity of sight and sound.
June 10, 2005
An original work by a filmmaker who throughout his career has absorbed the best of what Ozu had to teach, and as such it stands as beautiful tribute from one master to another.
May 31, 2005
The plot may be almost non-existent, but who cares when a film is both this serenely beautiful and quietly insightful.
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