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February 10, 2016
The second teaming of Gable and Marion Davies is a semi-seuccessful screwball comedy, nominated for the Dance Direction Oscar just chock full o one liners!
½ January 4, 2011
Cain and Mable (1936)

Aloysius K. Reily (Roscoe Karns) is an out-of-work reporter who bumps into waitress, Mabel O'Dare (Marion Davies) and makes her his project. He becomes her manager / publicist, and even gets her a job as the head dancer in a Broadway stage show. She's not the best dancer, but she holds her own, and the theater owner, Jake Sherman (Walter Catlett) thinks that she's a fresh new face.

Larry Cain (Clark Gable without the mustache) is an up-n-coming boxer, headed for the heavyweight championship. All he needs to do is get some sleep before the big fight, but can't do it with Mabel practicing her tap dancing above his room. These two start out hating each other.

Larry's fight manager, Pat Walters (William Collier Sr.) and Jake can't seem to get enough ticket buyers to see their talents. They get together with Reily to dream up some fake publicity about Larry and Mabel falling in love. Somehow Mabel and Larry aren't in on the scam, although they start to fall for each other anyway.

This was one of the last films that Marion Davies did before getting out of the business. She's best known as newspaper tycoon, Randolph Hurst's mistress. Young Clark Gable's build almost looks like a boxer. He's in great shape, but this is Davies's movie and includes many outrageous stage numbers trying to show off her talent.
January 2, 2011
gable & davies work well together and try 2 make the most of this flimsy story
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