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Californication - The Second Season Reviews

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½ May 31, 2010
In the second season (12 episodes approximately 28 min. each).

Hank Moody is even more cynical, raw, outburst, and obnoxious but always fun to watch. He takes a step ahead into establishing relationships and trying to clear his mind, but things are easier said than done...

It never seizes to be entertaining with lots of laughter and memorable moments!!!

Showtime renewed the show for a fourth season. Oh yes ;)
½ December 21, 2009
The makers of Californication were never expecting to get green lit for a second season...and it shows.

It takes everything that was great about the first season and seems to dillute the characters yet raises the 'shock value.'

The main story arc relies on Hank Moody trying to keep his wife and daughter close to him and his friendship with a drug addicted music producer. I lost interest half way through the season and the focus on Charlie and Marcy's relationship (as if I could care) takes it even futher from the genius of the first season.
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