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½ April 3, 2015
B-grade 80's thriller. Had never heard of it, and I love 80's movies, so I was pleased to have a chance to watch it.
Anna receives a dirty phone call. Mistaking the caller for her boyfriend, she agrees to meet him in a sleazy bar.
While she is there, she witnesses the murder of a transvestite in the ladies toilet. Shaken, and realising it wasn't her boyfriend who called after all, she runs out after the incident and having been hit on by an intimidating man.
It gets a little muddy from here - honestly I am not entirely sure it completely makes sense, but it did keep me watching.
Needless to say, Anna gets sucked into the callers game and soon finds she is being stalked.
I guessed pretty early who the caller was.
Mostly effective little thriller from this era. Definitely had the sleazy soundtrack down, and all the shots of the trains in the dark going past Anna's apartment add to the atmosphere.
Cast pretty much unknown (to me anyhow). I recognised Steve Buscemi only.
May 22, 2014
it's all too preposterous for words.
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