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Rambabu is a hot blooded journalist. Ganga, who is a technician of a TV channel, asks Rambabu to join her office after he investigates two big wars between two student gangs about cast system. Meanwhile, Ranababu enters politics, following in his father's footsteps. Rambabu gets into a fight with Ranababu. What happens next will form the crux of the story.
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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu (CGTR - Telugu) Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has been dormant for almost a decade. Just when all hell was about to collapse, supposedly, a super blockbuster Gabbar Singh reconstructed every damage pore and was infact an overnight image makeover. So any subsequent movie will not only set the bar high but also will be expected to create a new graph for itself. On the other hand maverick director Puri Jagannadh has had his share of success with his previous movie Businessman. Infact Puri's directorial infancy started with Badri in 2000 and the movie was a big hit. It's been 12 years since this combination came back to work together - a potent mix of eccentricity and intensity. Naturally, mercury levels are supposed to be at stellar heights. Amidst all this hype and hoopla CGTR finished it's shoot in around 5 months and is releasing today all around the globe with record number of prints and theaters for a telugu movie. Plot: Rambabu (Pawan Kalyan) is a "news"clear reactor but is actually an automobile mechanic. He's extremely potent when it comes to social responsibility and the same virility is tapped by a tom boyish camera"woman" Ganga (Tamannah). Together they are all set to rage like a wild fire especially when it comes to exposing the truth through their powerful medium of communication (news media). At this juncture the lead pair come across a sensational but sensitive situation that has the power to shatter all political equations and raging instability with in the state. Rest of the story is all about how the newsman tagged by his camera"woman" bring everything to closure. Analysis: Nobody wants or likes complete social documentaries when it comes to films in South India. Even the best societal movie like Bharateeyudu has it's share of unkempt run in the name of entertainment and allure to the masses. CGTR is no exception. First half of the movie is racy focusing on entertainment while concurrently setting an undercurrent stage for the main theme. Infact the director wastes no time in setting hero's characterization right with his introduction where Pawan is introduced as a social human being with an uncanny knack of questioning any sort of injustice happening around him. We, telugu people, crave for entertainment or the so called timepass. Keeping that in mind first half of the film has enough popcorn quotient as hero tries to jingle around with Ali and Tamannah. At the same time he dives in to the murky world of state level politics by coming head to head with Ranababu (Prakash Raj). Interval bang brings the curtains down between main protagonist and the anti-hero as they each mouth some powerful dialogues and throw challenges in to the air. The whole meat of the movie lies in the second half when Rambabu is truly at his best mechanic work and the director did not waste anytime in running through the scenes finally closing it down with a 20 minute pre-climax showdown of epic proportions. Performances: The movie has Pawan Kalyan (or I should say Rambabu) written all over it. He was extremely energetic in his performance - while it was controlled aggression in the first half, second half was total adrenaline rush. He is and has been one of the most socially responsible folks in filmdom and always tries to imbibe certain principles especially through his songs. But the tenor of this movie is different. His forte of social awareness and responsibility is now at the forefront and probably that made him look super charged in his antics. When it comes to songs he was passable and the same energy levels did not trickle down for some reason. Prakash Raj as Rana Babu was convincing. He was extremely emotional in his political speeches and tried to mimic NTR especially when he focuses on Telugdom etc. Tamannah was a bundle of over expression and thanks to the director as all his eccentricity was poured in to a vessel called "heroine". She boozes, oozes and manages to mouth some *beepers* too. Kota Srinivas Rao as opposition party leader tried to maintain high glycerin levels and over emoted in certain scenes. Tanikella Bharani as Kota's assistant was adequate. Ali and Brahmanandam don't have a lot of scope but they performed well with in their metrics. Director Puri Jagannadh is known for racy screenplays, eccentric characters & dialogs and speedy shoot wrap-ups. He did not budge a bit from his original style and the movie has his quirky edge written all over it. A welcome change when it comes to no obscenity and undoubtedly it's his best work till date. The ideal wire of social consciousness runs through out the film with displayed messages of anti smoking and boozing. At the same time he makes his heroine booze ;) projecting an equivocal facade as usual. Though his hero character is not exactly etched like his previous films he did blend in some allowable amounts of entertainment. Mentionable Scenes: --> Pawan's introduction and establishing his don't give a damn attitude --> His initial confrontation with Rana babu especially the one after Rana Babu's padayatra --> Undercurrent sarcasm between the lead pair --> Interval bang and stage setting --> Pawan commenting on women being ordinary and teasing off Tamannah --> News reading comedy scene with Brahmanandam. Blaming news channels for focusing too much on personal lives of film stars Pawan mocks himself in the name of divorce, insanity etc. --> Earth shattering last 20 minutes of the film Some scenes from the first half and a eunuch fight in the second half are unnecessary additions to the film's run. Songs on screen are passable and there isn't any commendable background score to be mentioned. Tail Piece: There are many people in India who don't like Mahatma Gandhi given that we are breathing free and fresh air just because of his sacrifice - it just doesn't matter. Similarly if there are intellectuals out there who don't like this film it's the same equation - it doesn't matter. At the end of the film I was happy that there is some social consciousness still alive in me as I was not one of those intelligent mocking jays in the theater. It's a conceptually social film with added commercial accouterments - not totally perfect but nobody wants or believes in perfection (Question yourself)

Jack Lakkapragada
Jack Lakkapragada

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