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½ October 7, 2013
Ugh.. Well. I.. can't. This was just so bad. Jennifer Aniston had a rocky career start off between this and The Leprechaun. However, The Leprechaun was so bad it was funny, which made it kind of good. It turned out to be a sort of cult classic and has a significant fan base. Camp Cucamonga.. not so much. Most people don't even know what it is.. and they are lucky. The plot, or lack there of, is old, boring and just plain dumb. The events of the story don't even form together to make a plot. Although it was nice to see some familiar faces, the acting left something to be desired for sure. And the song.. anyone who's seen this knows what I mean. So irritating and to make matters worse, catchy. The movie ended with feelings of relief and "what the hell just happened". It's probably best to just stay away from this film.
February 26, 2013
Great Cast, really funny
December 11, 2012
I remember taping this as a young teen and watching it over and over again.
April 24, 2012
Cutest movie ever! I love Jen, she's so pretty and young here! She still is though!
February 19, 2011
Wicked blast form the past - watch this if you are interested in seeing all your fave. 90s stars before they landed their shows. Awesome
September 17, 2010
I remember watching this movie a lot when I was a kid...but I barely remember the movie itself
June 27, 2010
how can i watch this movie can someone tell me i want to watch it online
April 6, 2010
The rap video just beats all. There's nothing quite like it. Truthfully though, the best thing about this movie is all of the big names you get to see before they were stars.
January 22, 2010
Oh my goodness, I didn't know Candace Cameron Bure was in this!! That's so cool. :) I so want to watch this movie!!
July 23, 2009
Gather around all you young'ins and I will tell you of a time when the TV movie of the week was family oriented with actors from all the hit TV shows at the time appearing in ensemble movies, such as Crash Course and Dance 'til Dawn. They were movies so awful they only starred TV actors who couldn't find work in Hollywood movies while their shows were on hiatus. This movie is notable for staring a young and very sexy Jennifer Aniston with her original nose. There's also Jaleel White, before he went all Steve Urkel. His Camp Cucamonga rap while other casts such as Aniston dance badly has to be seen to be believe. The cast is a who's who of the D-list of TV shows, such as John Ratzenberger, Sherman Hemsley, and G. Gordon Liddy for some reason. There's Chad Allen from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman back before he came out of the closet and Candace Cameron before she started making all those Lifetime movies and Danica McKellar from The Wonder Years along with that Paul guy and the leather jacket guy from Head of the Class before he started directing movies and the woman from Mama's Family and the Beaver's son from Still the Beaver and Breckin Meyer proving that he can screw up a made for TV movie. All I remember from this show is it's a lot like Melrose Place meets Meatballs. Everyone seems to be dating everyone else. But those were the days. No, thank God, something like this wouldn't even be greenlighted for TV.
½ July 4, 2009
Ehh not great not terrible Aniston still hott heavy weights was better
½ July 3, 2009
Wow! This movie features an ensemble cast of sitcom stars of the time, including a bunch of bit players and feature actors from Full House, the Wonder Years, Head of the Class and Saved By The Bell. Danica McKellar plays an angsty teen who enjoys heavy metal, and Urkel is in this as a regular cool kid. Cliff Clavin runs the camp! And there's a very very bizarre sequence where Sherman Helmsley walks in an awkward pose for 17 hours telling a ghost story.
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June 15, 2009

The zaniest, most hilarious summer vacation ever!

Holly CRAP I don`t believe this Movie is on Flixster. It is one of my really all time Favorite TV Movies. I was about 13 I guess when I saw it for the first time. I still remember the Song. It is such a great Teenie Movie. What a Shame no DVD no VHS. Like as if it is forgotten. Aniston and Mc Keller in their young years. I just love this Movie. The last Time I watched this Movie was gee lemme think, oh late 90`s, but before I saw it about 3 times. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Oh the good ol teenie years.
I can nearly still hear the song Camp Cucamonga. Dammit wot was the song name again?
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March 28, 2009
No thankyou - Not interested
July 22, 2008
Awesome summer movie watching it in the dead of winter is sure to remind anyone of summer fun.
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½ June 22, 2008
Great Movie, reminds me of some great moments as Teenage. This Movie inspired me very much.
May 26, 2008
OMG...Christy! "So you ride there anything you can't do?"
(I flunked geometry!)
½ May 18, 2008
This movie is AWESOME! I watched it so often my grandpa had to buy me a new one b/c I wore it out
½ February 14, 2008
Take every camp cliche in the book, horrible C-list actors sprinkled with a few horrible future A list actors, a bad script, and hokey 90s clothing then you have this rot.
January 15, 2008
pretty much my favorite movie of all time
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