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½ January 29, 2013
Its basically the same movie as the first two except he is being annoying at summer camp. Don't waste any of your time watching this. Kids may like it but there are so many other kids movies to watch instead so there is absolutely no reason to watch this crap ever.
December 21, 2012
gayy ass sutpid movie
December 21, 2012
When I heard that yet ANOTHER Fred TV movie would air, I knew Fred was screwed. The commercial looked cheesy and unfunny, just like Cruikshank's sitcom "Marvin Marvin". This is disasterous, unfunny, and the worst of the Fred movies. Pray to God that they don't make a Fred 4.
The movie has a generic plotline: Fred is excited sbout going to summer camp at Camp Superior where all the popular kids go but his drunk mom enrolled him into Camp Iwannapeepee where all the losers go. Camp Iwannapeepee is the stupidest name for a camp I have ever heard. Why would the founders think "Hmm, Iwannapeepee. Sounds very nice, just really peachy keen."? That's Fred humor right there for you. The whole film is stupid gross out humor like this. So he goes to the camp where his annoying counselor is no other than Tom Arnold and his cabinmates are nerds who have no personality at all except just plain being nerdy. Fred soon finds out that his cabinmates have a secret tree place or something where they eat snacks and play video games, every lazy kid's dream. Around this point, Fred also runs into a "Crocabearamoose" after eating wild berries and sings some rap with him. It's pointless and a "crocabearamoose" sounds like a monster created by a 6 year old in a coloring book. The Camp Superior kids keep picking on Fred's nerdy friends so Fred tries to make his friends believe that losers are cool in a sports movies-like speech. Soon enough, they believe Fred's lie and win a trophy for Camp Iwannapeepee after winning a talent portion of a camp game ceremony with a terrible, terrible rap/pop song. It's a song that can give you a seizure without any flashing lights. It's that bad.
So that's pretty much Fred 3: Camp Fred for you. No kid, not even the silliest class clown will laugh once at this piece of garbage. Lucas Cruikshank should go to a comedic writing school because his films are not funny at all and anything he is in literally falls into pieces and is done for. Fred better be reading this and marking my words when I say that Fred movies must end! Save your piece of crap for YouTube, not television. 'Nuff said.
½ December 18, 2012
The film itself wasn't bad. It was actually kind of funny. But it is funnier for kids.
½ October 29, 2012
Even if you manage to take away Fred's(or Lucas') high pitched sissy voice, the terrible acting, and terrible comedy, this film along with the web show, tv show, and it's predecessors are nothing but a bore.
½ September 7, 2012
GOOD GOD! THIS CRAP IS EVEN WORSE THEN FRED 2 AND 1! Alright, My burst of rage is over. But man did they screw this up, The plot is c&p from Daddy Day Camp, The kid shows up at a craptastic summer camp and he has to team up with other camp-goers to defeat a much better camp. The fact that it starts off with a musical kills it. Then there is ANOTHER musical at the end! Don't even think about this movie.
½ August 18, 2012
A surprising and less irritating improvement.
August 16, 2012
A little bit imporvement over the first 2
½ August 13, 2012
Although it was better than Fred 2, and light years better than Fred is still a Fred movie. Only true Fred fans will really like this. But... I did laugh pretty hard at the Crocabearmoose. That was a pretty funny running gag. And some others.

Tom Arnold...what happened to your career?
August 10, 2012
or should i say my 6 year old wants to see...
July 29, 2012
This movie is awesome watched it last night, it was great, better than both it's predecessors.
July 28, 2012

They need to stop with these movies. They are terrible, not funny, and just annoying.
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