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Taking an excursion into the wilderness, a group of innocents find themselves in danger of being dinner for some famished orphans in this horror picture.
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What's on display here is simply too stupid to believe.

Full Review… | January 15, 2007

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[center][img][/img] [font=Courier New][size=2] [/size][/font][left][font=Courier New][size=2]With [i]Cannibal Campout[/i], I expected the same sort of goofy fun that [i]Woodchipper Massacre[/i], both directed by Jon McBride (though this film has a co-director, Tom Fisher), contained. I enjoyed [i]Woodchipper Massacre[/i] for what it was worth, but couldn't find the same sort of enjoyment with [i]Cannibal Campout[/i]. Instead of being a well crafted home made movie, it ends up being along the same lines as any forgettable 80's gore-fest. The movie features a predictable group of redneck cannibals that terrorize a group of college kids camping out in the woods. It's funny that these people are supposed to be hillbilly like, but none of the actors can manage to cover up their Jersey accents. I kept expecting one of the killers to shout "fuhgetaboutit!" at some point in the film. The movie does display a decent amount of gory scenes, and surprisingly even some nudity as well. I wish the killers could have been more frightening, this might have made the gory scenes a little more enjoyable. One of the killers in the film is wearing a fighter pilot outfit, helmet and all, which was a very odd choice. His face is disfigured, so I guess that is why he is dressed like that. But is the fighter pilot outfit the best they could do? I like that when the group of college kids are first hassled by the killers in the woods, they decide to go ahead and campout anyway. Why are people in horror films so stupid? I know if they would have left there wouldn't have been a movie, but I can't understand why people, especially younger ones, in horror films always stay in the scariest of places. Even when they know it isn't safe. The music in the film is a little better than the music that was in [i]Woodchipper Massacre[/i]. It actually has some great scary themes to it, and fits a little better with most of what was going on in the movie. But the predictability and unoriginality of the film caused this to be a sour experience. What a disappointment considering how much fun [i]Woodchipper Massacre[/i] turned out to be.[/size][/font] [/left] [/center]

Bryan Gomez
Bryan Gomez

Hi! I created this blog because I was one of the stars of the 80's cult horror classic [url=""][color=#003399]"Cannibal Campout".[/color][/url] This obsure little movie was the one and only movie I was ever in. I did it back in my early 20s when I wanted to be an actress. I studied Drama at Flagler College in St. Augustine Florida for a year, took acting classes at Wiest Barron's in New York City, and attended some workshops in New Canaan CT. [url=""][color=#003399]"Cannibal Campout"[/color][/url] was my opportunity to try out what I had learned. I basically participated in [url=""][color=#003399]"Cannibal Campout"[/color][/url] for fun and never imagined that it would ever be distributed worldwide, that it would have such a cult following 17 years after it was made, or that it would inspire horror punk band "The Vladimirs" to write a song called "Cannibal Campout" ( [url=""][color=#003399][/color][/url] ). I was shocked when Jon McBride contacted me a few months back with the news that [url=""][color=#003399]"Cannibal Campout"[/color][/url] was being rereleased on DVD. I and other cast members reunited at [url=""][color=#003399]Granger Musik & VideoWerks[/color][/url] in Eastchester NY (and at other locations) to shoot interviews and commentary to be added to the DVD. The DVD is being released 01/16/07 and will include "The Vladimirs" music video "Cannibal Campout". Below are a few of the many references to [url=""][color=#003399]"Cannibal Campout"[/color][/url] I have found on the web. Let me know if you find any other interesting ones. [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=#800080][/color][/url] [url=""][color=purple][/color][/url]

Amy Chludzinski
Amy Chludzinski

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