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Racing across the country from L.A. to New York, a plethora of exotic cars carry contestants hoping to win a very large sum. This follow-up to director Paul Bartel's cult classic Death Race 2000 features David Carradine and Bill McKinney as the main rivals.

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David Carradine
as Coy 'Cannonball' Buckman
Bill McKinney
as Cade Redman
Veronica Hamel
as Linda Maxwell
Gerrit Graham
as Perman Waters
Robert Carradine
as Jim Crandell
Judy Canova
as Sharma Capri
Carl Gottlieb
as Terry McMillan
Archie Hahn III
as Zippo Friedman
James Keach
as Wolfe Messer
Dick Miller
as Bennie Buckman
Paul Bartel
as Lester Marks
Roger Corman
as District Attorney
Jonathan Kaplan
as Gas Station Attendant
David Arkin
as TV Producer/Anchorman
Patrick Wright
as Brad Phillips
Stanley Clay
as Beutell
John Alderman
as Team Manager
Deirdre Ardell
as Terry's Daughter
Gretchen Ardell
as Terry's Daughter
Wendy Bartel
as Reporter at Finish Line
Linda Vivitello
as Piano Teacher
Jim Connors
as Deke Scanton
Peter Cornberg
as Man in Blue Car
Miller Drake
as Reporter at Finish Line
Mike Finnell
as Helicopter Pilot
Samuel W. Gelfman
as Dr. Magritte
Paul Glickler
as Arresting Officer
David Gottlieb
as Brad Phillips' Aide
Lea Gould
as Mrs. McMillan
Glen Johnson
as Cameraman in Helicopter
Saul J. Krugman
as Mr. Schulenberg
James Lashly
as Desert Gas Station Attendant
Joe McBride
as Reporter at Finish Line
Todd McCarthy
as Reporter at Finish Line
Keith Michl
as Airplane Pilot
Mary-Robin Redd
as Mrs. Schulenberg
Donald C. Simpson
as Assistant District Attorney
George Wagner
as Cameraman
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Yee-Haw good ol' boys Carradine and Stallone inlow budget feature.

January 10, 2008

Audience Reviews for Cannonball

"Unofficial" sequel to Death Race 2000. Pretty much a duplicate copy of the film with the same director, stars and plot. Only differences are the characters and not as much action or the over the top violence as its predecessor.

Adam Cook
Adam Cook

The inferior of David Carradine and Paul Bartel's car racing movies. Unlike 2000, this really doesn't have the fun and originality it should. The premise is really interesting, but that's just all it is. I will defend the stunt work, however, due to the fact that it looks 100% real. If you love David Carradine it's completely worth it, but I've seen a lot better.

Conner Rainwater
Conner Rainwater

Super Reviewer


[img][/img] [size=3][color=#000000][font=Times New Roman]An undercover yearly race is about to occur. The winner of the race receives a large sum of money. The race starts on the east coast and ends in California. However, rather than just racing, there will also be numerous crashes in their demolition derby style encounters. To win, the racer and his copilot will have to be in perfect sync. [/font][/color][/size] [size=3][color=#000000][font=Times New Roman][/font][/color][/size][font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]“That guy is so mean I bet he has to jack-off to get his heart started.”[/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]Paul Bartel, director of Naughty Nurse, Death Race 2000, Lust in the Dust, and Private Parts, delivers Cannonball. The storyline for this picture is exactly the same as Death Race 2000. Even some of the characters from Death Race 2000 appear in this film (David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone). The cast also includes Robert Carradine, Martin Scorsese, and Don Simpson. [/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]“Stupid American cars…they look like tootsie rolls on wheels.” [/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]Cannonball is a film that fascinated my wife based on the American muscle car theme. She hopes the film would be as good as Death Race 2000, Vantage Point, Death Proof, and Gone in 60 Seconds. This was okay, but nothing special. I would say that this is worth watching but not a must own.[/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]“I can’t believe you let him stop for more beer.”[/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=3][color=#000000]Grade: C[/color][/size][/font]

Kevin Robbins
Kevin Robbins

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