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Lacking a script, budget, direction, or star capable of doing justice to its source material, this Captain America should have been left under the ice.



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Transformed into a superhero during a secret World War II military experiment, Captain America (Matt Salinger) awakens from suspended animation forty years later to face his old enemy, the Nazi warrior Red Skull (Scott Paulin). This low-budget adaptation of the Marvel comic book series received very little attention upon its delayed release.

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Matt Salinger
as Steve Rogers/Captain America
Ronny Cox
as President
Ned Beatty
as Kolawetz
Scott Paulin
as The Red Skull
Darren McGavin
as Gen. Fleming
Michael Nouri
as Col. Lords
Melinda Dillon
as Mrs. Rogers
Francesca Neri
as Valentina
Bill Mumy
as Young General Fleming
Kim Gillingham
as Bernice Stewart/Sharon
Carla Cassola
as Dr. Maria Vaselli
Massimilio Massimi
as Tadzio de Santis
Norbert Weisser
as Alaskan Surveyor
Garette Ratliff Henson
as Young Tom Kimball
Bernarda Oman
as Tadzio's Mother
Mustafa Nadarevic
as Tadzio's Father
Tonko Lonza
as Tadzio's Mentor
Edita Lipovsek
as Tadzio's Aunt
Ljubica Dujmovic
as Tadzio's Grandmother
Galliano Pahor
as Fascist General
Milan Kristofic
as Nazi General
Giulio Marini
as Nazi General
Aldo Galleazzi
as German Scientist
Ljubomir Strgacic
as German Scientist
Slvko Sestak
as German Scientist
Petar Tomac
as Italian Vendor
Bruno Grdadolnik
as Italian Vendor
Autun Nalis
as Old Repairman
Mario Kovac
as Repairman (as a boy)
Zoran Pollupec
as Implant Doctor
Fay Finver
as Lab Technician
Frank Finver
as Lab Technician
Peter Mulrean
as Lab Technician
Mia Begovic
as Young Italian Woman
Matko Raguz
as Italian Woman's Husband
Donald Standen
as Red Skull's Bodyguard
Dragana Zigic
as Perfect Young Italian
Judranka Katusa
as Perfect Young Italian
Rafaelle Burunelli
as Perfect Young Italian
Robert Egon
as Perfect Young Italian
Igor Serdar
as perfect Young Italian
Gary Epper
as Mr. Erlich
Sonja Gregus
as Resistance Fighter
Rene Medvesek
as Resistance Fighter
Demeter Bitenc
as Industrialist
Relja Basic
as Industrialist
Velemir Chytil
as Industrialist
Drago Klobucar
as Industrialist
Gordon Piculjan
as Industrialist
Frank Papia
as Paramedic
Whitney Christopher
as Boy at Beach
Beth Ann Bowen
as Girl at Beach
Gerda Shepherd
as Jack's Nurse
Trek Potter
as Boy Scout
Sarah Wasson
as Little Girl
Thomas Beatty
as Young Sam Kolawetz
Jon Beatty
as War Veteran
Ann Bell
as Tom Kimball's Mother
Scott Del Amo
as Tom Kimball's Father
Mike Johnson
as Sharon Double
Robert Reitmeier
as Bandstand Musician
John S. "Hacksaw" Reynolds
as Bandstand Musician
Lee Westenhofer
as Bandstand Musician
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Audience Reviews for Captain America

  • May 17, 2016
    With a straight-faced ham-fisted script that basically tries pulling a First Avenger on a Third World budget, then-nearly bankrupt Marvel's inaugural ill-advised go at Captain America is gloriously bad, but relishes in its awfulness. Someway somehow, amid the super-heroic success of the dark and stylish Batman (1989) and live action comic strip Dick Tracy (1990) came this Z-Movie with A-Movie ambition. Early on, as the titles roll over a shadowy Nazi-occupied '40s backstreet, you begin to think that, based on these scenes that could get confused for being atmospheric, the film got a bad rap. You'd be wrong. The fact that, in an era when the Dark Knight sports body armor, our hero sports spandex red, white, and blues with wings sticking out like a duck-ass from his cowl quickly sets you straight. Not wanting to get bogged-down with silly contrivances like character development, all involved get right to it. Within 15 minutes, our hero becomes Captain America. We can't identify with Rogers because we're rushed past his background and right into his hero transformation. Perhaps because he's had no battle training, he's quickly beaten by the evil super soldier Red Skull and strapped to a Nazi rocket, hurrying toward an icy grave. This is where the movie should have stopped but it supersoldiers on toward a modern (1990, at least) do-over (of course, if your budget was a mere pittance, you'd get past period set design and world war scenes lickety-split too). The man-out-of-time scenes actually get handled well, but the story's refusal to look to the source material derails any good talking points. Behold: a secondary story about a boy who witnesses Cap's rocket man routine becoming president and you have comedy a comic book adventure that thinks it's deathly serious. In this PG-13-rated adventure (available on DVD and Blu Ray), Captain America (Salinger) gets freed from the ice after being frozen for decades, just in time to renew his battle against arch-criminal, The Red Skull. A veteran of directing cheap-o martial arts flicks, Albert Pyun pulls no punches...rather, he pulls focus on the punches because the actors (like their characters apparently) also have no battle training. However, his inexperience with actors ultimately does him in (as if the lack of a budget didn't). Matt Salinger (son of Catcher in the Rye author J.D.) tries his damnedest but simply lacks the charisma of, say, Chris Evans. Everybody else, including Ronny Cox as the president, Ned Beatty as a reporter, and Darren McGavin as a corrupt general, overact without a sensible script or adequate direction to reign them in. Still, watching Cap make sense out of VHS tapes while backed by a brooding '80s synth soundtrack makes for some solid laughs--not the intended kind either. Nothing tops the 'whoosh' his shield makes in flight, however. They may not have had the funding for proper special effects but somehow crafted a noise that rivals the Six Million Dollar Man's mechanic jump in the Camp Sound Effects Hall of Fame. Bottom line: American Idiot
    Jeff B Super Reviewer
  • Jun 14, 2013
    In terms of low budget cult films, this film is entertaining, but obviously leaves a lot to be desired. This film is not as awful as what everyone has said, and I quite enjoyed the sheer ridiculousness of it all. Reading on the fact that the film had tremendous issues in terms of Marvel's lack of interest and budgetary concerns, I think the filmmakers were able to pull off something quite amusing for midnight movie fans. The film is of course cheesy and over the top, but if you love low budget cult hits, then this one is for you. Of course the Chris Evans Captain America film is far superior, but this one is still entertaining for what it is. Things could have been done better, but considering with what the filmmakers worked with, they managed to pull a decent low budget affair that is a bit underrated. This is not a film for film lovers looking for something great, entertaining and mind blowing to watch. This version is more for cult film fans. The film tends to be a bit boring in some areas and the story itself could have been thought out more, but for what it is, this version of Captain America is a cheesy, tongue in cheek good time if you're in the mood for something like this. The tone of the film is silly and overall it is a decent film, but is nowhere near as good as it good have been, but that shouldn't distract film lovers who enjoy cheaply made movies such as this. Considering with what they had to work with, Captain America is a worthwhile and amusing low budget film worth seeing if you enjoy this genre.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Feb 01, 2012
    A bit better than the 2 70s tv movies that came before, and definatly more authentic in story and myth to those also, but still its badly done Salinger is a bad Captain america/ steve rogers. and the story which many elements youll see in recent 2011 film, isnt fanbtastic, bad direction and set pieces also distract plus its cheap look.
    scott g Super Reviewer
  • Sep 19, 2011
    I'm a nerd, but I'm not a huge one. Still, this film will probably make anyone a nerd, because no matter who you are, you're gonna look at this and say "This is an offense to The First Avenger." Wow, calling him The First Avenger isn't helping my case that I'm not that much of a nerd. But seriously though, this film is an absolute mess, but, like all a lot of other widley-panned that I dread having to call passable, this isn't terrible. Lord knows that it's not good, but it's not an absolute pain. Again, like other widely-panned superhero films, this is just incompetent. Sure, there are good things here, but not good enough to hold your interest. See, one of the worst things about this film is its being just so terribly dull. It's underdeveloped and messily told, with many abrupt events, usually thanks to such choppy editing. The cinematography is so bland, and the score is so underwhelming and generic, but at least better than the mainstream soundtrack that definately shows that no matter how much worse music has gotten, there's always been terrible songs hiding somewhere in each generation. Dialogue is so-so, but not snappy enough to forgive it's being very generic, as well. Really, I'm almost glad that they have the silly stuff, only because it is actually interesting. Of course, the reason why it's so interesting, is because you can't believe how stupid this "serious" film gets. This is an utterly incompetent superhero film, but unlike other incompetent superhero films, it had potential and has the strengths needed to meet that potential. The production designs aren't terribly outstanding, but are still rather impressive for this small of a budget, which is more than you can say about the visual effects. The action is actually fairly good. A bit cheesy and dizzingly over-edited, but on the whole, pretty exciting and well-choreographed, with sharp sound to raise tension. Of course, action choreography isn't the only complement I can give to these performers, because with the exception of most of those wooden secondary and tertiary (look it up) villains, the acting in this is surprisingly decent. Leading man Matt Silinger boasts charisma and a strong atmosphere and Scott Paulin's slickness make him an effective villain, and when these two work off of each other, it's electric, or at least it would have been if their characters weren't written so badly. Here we have two competent actors giving good lead performances, but there's so much incompetence in the direction and writing behind them, that it dilutes their strong performances and presence to where they become just as generic as everything else in this. Overall, it boasts a promising concept, carried by surprisingly strong leads, but with generecism, messy storytelling and general blandness, Albert Pyun (His name sounds like the bullet I'm sure everyone wants to here darting towards his head) "Captain America" stands as nothing more than an utterly forgettable waste of potential.
    Cameron J Super Reviewer

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