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Suspenseful and politically astute, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a superior entry in the Avengers canon and is sure to thrill Marvel diehards.



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After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals.


Chris Evans
as Captain America/Steve Rogers
Scarlett Johansson
as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Anthony Mackie
as Sam Wilson/Falcon
Sebastian Stan
as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier
Frank Grillo
as Brock Rumlow
Robert Redford
as Agent Alexander Pierce
Cobie Smulders
as Agent Maria Hill
Georges St-Pierre
as Georges Batroc
Hayley Atwell
as Peggy Carter
Toby Jones
as Arnim Zola
Emily VanCamp
as Agent 13
Maximiliano Hernandez
as Agent Jasper Sitwell
Stan Lee
as Smithsonian Guard
Callan Mulvey
as Jack Rollins
Jenny Agutter
as Councilwoman Hawley
Bernard White
as Councilman Singh
Alan Dale
as Councilman Rockwell
Chin Han
as Councilman Yen
Garry Shandling
as Senator Stern
Salvator Xuereb
as French Pirate #1
Brian Duffy
as French Pirate #2
Zack Duhame
as Engine Pirate
Adetokumboh M'Cormack
as French Radio Pirate
Aaron Himelstein
as Launch Tech #1
Allan Chanes
as Launch Tech #2
Gozie Agbo
as Dr. Fine
Christopher Markus
as SHIELD Interrogator #1
Stephen McFeely
as SHIELD Interrogator #2
Pat Healy
as Scientist #1
Ed Brubaker
as Scientist #2
D.C. Pierson
as Apple Employee
Danny Pudi
as Com Tech #1
Bernard Zilinskas
as Com Tech #2
Angela Russo
as Otstot-Garcia
Jon Sklaroff
as Charlie XO
Chad Todhunter
as Charlie Weapons Tech
Abigail Marlowe
as SHIELD Tech
Jeremy Maxwell
as Lead SHIELD Pilot
Emerson Brooks
as Senior SHIELD Agent
Evan Parke
as SHIELD Agent
Ricardo Chacon
as Strike Sgt. #1
Griffin M. Allen
as Strike Sgt. #2
Ann Russo
as Strike Agent
Joe Rosalina
as Strike Agent
Jody Hart
as 25th Floor Strike Agent
Steven Culp
as Scudder
Derek Hughes
as Human Resources Executive
Ethan Rains
as Lead EMT
Dominic Rains
as CIA Instructor
Charles Wittman
as Capitol Hill Police
Andy Martinez Jr.
as Capitol Hill Police
Michael De Geus
as FBI Agent
Anne Grimenstein
as Committee Member
Dante Rosalina
as Little Boy in The Smithsonian
Robert Clotworthy
as Fury Car Voice
June Christopher
as SHIELD Computer
Gary Sinise
as The Smithsonian Narrator
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Critic Reviews for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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  • It knocks down a lot of the infrastructure the previous films had created, and it does so in a way that feels organic and refreshing for the Marvel world at large.

    Sep 22, 2016 | Full Review…
  • Sometimes a film leaves you with a big, dumb grin on your face. The Marvel blockbuster Captain America: The Winter Soldier... is such an item.

    Jan 4, 2015 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

    Kate Muir

    Times (UK)
    Top Critic
  • A movie that is, in the best sense of the word, a Marvel.

    Apr 4, 2014 | Full Review…
  • Beneath the expensive, computer-generated busyness of this second Captain America installment is a bracing, old-style conspiracy thriller made extra-scary by new technology and the increasingly ugly trade-offs of a post-9/11 world.

    Apr 4, 2014 | Full Review…
  • If Captain America: The Winter Soldier is indeed an augur of things to come during this special-effects-laden summer, maybe it won't be such a painful season after all.

    Apr 4, 2014 | Rating: 3/5
  • This is the first Marvel Studios movie since the original Iron Man that really stands on its own.

    Apr 4, 2014 | Rating: 3.5/4 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  • May 29, 2019
    The addition of Scarlett Johansson as the opposite pole to the straight Captain really worked to spark chemistry in this movie that the first Captain America lacked. Plot and action were decent too, as were Anthony Mackie and the Winter Soldier.
    Letitia L Super Reviewer
  • Jul 06, 2017
    Frankly speaking , I was really impressively and blown away by Captain America Winter Soldier. Simply put it was everything the movie preview trailer made it out to be .... and then some. And not only do I think it's' easily one of Marvel's best films ever. But trying to bypass my Marvel Superhero film bias but this film struck me enough to it very easily say it's one of the top ten Superhero hero action films that I've ever seen period. It was that great.t! ... Before I forget - i did like that there were two important future -mover teaser clips after the end of the credits. One sets up "Avengers: Age of Ultron..... while the other clip will set up "Captain America 3." ·I loved the action sequences/pace of this film. Sure there is the Spy/Conspiracy plot, brief clips of Steve Roger (Chris Evans) of his old school days with his longtime best friend Bucky Barnes, who presumably perished in the previous Capt. America First Avenger film , as well as a couple other ties with World War II comrades But it's the fighting choreography, multiple stunts, firearm gun fights, car chases/gadgets, sky-air -fights, were that were so eye-catching and very impressive. I enjoyed this Captain America film so much, much better than the original Capt. America First Avenger film (which I thought was somewhat boring and pretty average) It was a totally night and day difference between the two films. From Capt. America: First Avenger film, I never got to see the display level of impressive acrobats, strength, and fighting prowess that I grew up knowing of Capt. America comic books from. That completely changed in the new sequel.I saw some stunts and sequences that I am still in awe with as I had never seen a superhero who doesn't truly have superhuman powers (super-serum made him enhanced, but necessarily super-powered) but yet he was able to single handedly takes out a weaponry equipped fighting jet-copper, he leaps from hundreds of feet from the air into a deep lake without the aid of parachutes, he takes on 10+ fighting agents in a crowded elevator and leaps 30 feet from a building to a concrete ground. This was the Capt. America that I wanted to see on full display - and Capt. America: Winter Soldier unloaded and delivered everything in the bag. Nothing left back. Sebastian Stan (the Winter Soldier) doesn't say very much in the film -he may have just a few sentences in the entire movie, as he's basically a minion zombie but the fighting action sequences that he puts on display as the bionic armed Winter Soldier were just terrific. You get to see as a brilliant marksman, hand to hand combat fighter. Not only do I see W.S vs. Capt. on four or five difference occasions but he also take on a fleet of soldiers, battles both Black Widow and the Falcon. He was a treat to see. Besides taking on the Winter Solider, Capt. Also battles one of his comic book villain known as " Batroc the Leaper " in the beginning of the film in what starts out as a I didn't recognize the actor portraying Batroc, but I thought it would have been a better touch adding a more familiar martial artist face such as Chuck Liddell, etc. but that's stretching it too much with me. We also get to see legendary actor Robert Redford in a different character role than we are accustomed to seeing him. As much as I can recall, this was the first that I really got to enjoy Samuel Jackson's Nick Fury character - (though I saw in him action in the Avengers movie). But to see him in totally solo against overwhelming number and circumstances - and how he was able to escape and combat forces against him was what I was elated to see. That was also one of the strongest, more impressive action-scenes in the film. .... (BTW, there are several impressive scenes,). Ironically the Fury scene also gave the film probably its strongest humorous moment. There are some nit bits-like references to other movies that I took notice - one by the Black Widow, the other to " Pulp Fiction" at the end. And as usual Marvel creator/founder Stan Lee makes his usual cameo appearance in a Marvel film, so look out for his spotlight. Frankly speaking - Fury's combat group which included Steve Rogers ( Capt. A.) and Sam Wilson As the Falcon, Natasha Romanoff as the Black Widow were all put into great action scenes. I fell in love with Scarlett Johansson from both appearance and in full fledge action. As a disguised agent, as a hand to hand combatant, computer hacker, marksman- she was just as amazing in this film as she was in her Iron Man/Avengers films. As with Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson character, the moment I saw the trailer , I quickly identified Capt. America's counterpart known as the Falcon. There will be some intense moments that will surprise you, and yet a couple that are fairly predictable. Interesting ending upon the involvement of S.H.I.E.L.D. and how the very powerful law enforcement agency is dealt with. My only peeve that I really had with this film was the dreaded " shaky camera scenes" - in trying to make this fast -action film even faster, the blurry cam shots ended up being distracting ....and it was totally unnecessary for this feature - because there was way too much outstanding stunts and fighting choreography to be bugged down with those kind of studio tricks - I would have graded out Capt. 2 even higher if not for those shaky cam shots. ( however shakiness was twice as annoying and almost unbearable in ' Civil War) Still though , I was so in awe with the fighting choreography, car stunts, costumes, (Scarlett Johansson..! ) that I came out of the theater with quite a satisfactory adrenaline rush after seeing this film and it now puts the pressure on Avengers Age of Ultron, and Xmen Days of Future Past to at least come even with Capt. America Winter Soldier. On a scale of 1- to 10, I'd give Captain America: Winter Soldier an 8.5
    earl c Super Reviewer
  • Jul 21, 2016
    In my opinion this is marvels best film. Its realistic dark tone sets a familiar superhero "Captain America" to battle Hydra a natzi organization responsible for the life of his dead friend Bucky. This movies story and very well directed action sequences are the finest sequences in the MCU movies. Thank god this installment of the Captain America movies was executed in this fashion since fans didn't seem to care for the dull and boring tone of this films previous installment.
    Tyler H Super Reviewer
  • May 08, 2016
    Around the same rating as the previous entry, but for different reasons. It should be commended for its attempt to make our complex topical issues integral to its plot. In this sense it is less forgettable than its predecessor and slightly better. And on top of that it is moderately enjoyable. But the plot is a little chaotic (and in some places descending to downright 'A goes to B because the plot needs them to, where C will explain everything for D to happen') and doesn't do enough to live up to its interesting premise.
    Kyle M Super Reviewer

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