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March 18, 2010
My Review of a strangely good Captain Planet Episode

It was a 2 parter. And it didnt suck.

the basic plot was that the Planeteers were arguging over weather to save some Animals or some trees. then at the same time there was a Toxic Waste spill, and some jackass with a leopard skin helicopter was putting toxic waste in an abandoned salt mine.
So The kids decided to handle the Mine sans powers, and sent Captain Planet to take on the beach. However, For random reasons the Beach one caused Captain Pollution to wake up again. And Captain Pol. Basicly sounded alot like Evil Michaelangelo from the TNMT and had a wierd yellow costume, and lots of scabs all over himself.
Anyway Captain Pollution then starts flying around the world polluting crap, and Captain Planet, just sort of chases him and doesnt stop it or do anything. Meanwhile the Planeteers get locked in the mine, and they all start having flashbacks to how they became so fucked up. I dont know there names, so ill just refer to them by their nationalities. South American kid shows that he got fucked up because he was raised by a Really Old Indian man, and Spanish Conquistadors burned down his home and killed his family. WTF?! Is he like 300 years old?!
Meanwhile Captain Pollution Flies to Germany and tries to Derail a Train to kill a Duck. 1 duck. Derail a train. This man thinks big. Meanwhile Back in the Cave, the planet kid's Try to get out of the toxic waste mine, and in their fooling around, They knock over a drum, and since they were using enviromentally safe candles, they light it on fire. So they go to a higher part of the mine to run away. Meanwhile Captain Pollution is sitting in a pool, soaking up toxic waste, and getting really huge. And his mullet keeps growing. And then he starts glowing. Then before ya know it, the SOB has gone super saiyan 3!
OMGWTFBBQ?!!?!?!!?! Ok Super Saiyan 3 Cap'n Pol. Proceeds to beat hte living shit out of Captain Planet. Meanwhile back in the cave, the rest of the kids have more flashbacks. African kid got fucked up because he used to follow an elephants ass, and one day it got shot because it was trying to eat a tree. Communist Girl was fucked up because she raised bird's and One of them died from mine gas. One fucking bird. Asian Chick was fucked up because her house got bought out by a factory who gave her pet Dolphin AIDS. And American kid, Jesus Christ! He's the most fucked up of all of them, His Dad had him beat up kids for their lunch money so he could buy Crack, then he left him, and was raised by a Black Hobo, and his Blonde haired white woman wife, who lived in the trees of central park stealing hot dogs. then finally the assholes get out of the mine, and manage to fuck over Lex luther rip off guy. by yelling at him. And instead of shooting them, with the many guns him and his men hold, he just walks away. Then they go to save Captain Planet. Who is still getting his ass kicked by SSJ3 Captain Pollution. With the Giant Mullet. The Planet League sprays Captain Pollution with a hose, then Shines a flashlight on captain planet which some how automaticly restores his powers.
Then Captain Planet, Proceeds, to BRUTALLY BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF, AND THEN MURDER Captain pollution, Ultimately, Body slamming him into Molten lava, and Dragging him threw it until his skin burns off. and then they just all go home.

Reason's this didnt suck -

Evil Twin fight.

2 Episode Long Fight.

Very DBZ Esque Fight.

Explanation of how those kids are fucked up.

Cap Pollution went SSJ3, with the Giant Mullet, and the huge muscles, and the Glowing, and just. Everything.

And He Brutally Murdered his Evil Twin by dragging him threw Molten Lava until his skin burned off!?

And the thing was Captain Pollution made like 10 Huge Enviromental Disastor's Not to mention the 4 that were going on When this thing started. And they just totally blew off all of them. What about the mine with toxic waste that could permanently poison the drinking water? the Tree's being destoyed? The Animals in imediate danger from an Oil Spill? The Duck that the Train had fallen on. They just blow off all of them!

If they made more episodes like this, This series would'nt have been canceled.
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