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December 12, 2007
funny and has a very dated feel but that's why i love it so much.
½ December 4, 2007
fucking dumb. i dont remember johhny c being in it though. i may have to watch it again
½ October 21, 2007
October 13, 2007
not freaken interested
½ October 12, 2007
I actually saw this back in the day, I couldn't even watch it all.
Super Reviewer
½ October 6, 2007
I watched less than 5 minutes, fast forwarding through most. I just couldn't take it...
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August 18, 2007
Could be very detailed and a good story there by the synopsis.
July 14, 2007
Johnny C STARING in a film? I am SO there!
½ July 10, 2007
I liked the TV show a lot better. If you've ever heard of the New York Dolls, you can't possibily take David Johansen seriously or even comedically for that matter.
½ June 25, 2007
The only thing you need to know is that the film includes the most unwatchable consensual sex scene ever with David Jahansen and Rosie O'Donnell. I will never get the cries of "Oh, Gunther!" out of my head.
½ June 24, 2007
If you can stand tooty's voice and Rosie O'Donell then you're in for an unusual but entertaining movie. Love the early 90's vibe that the movie has, direct with an appearance of Tone Loc.
May 6, 2007
i would like to see this movie
½ April 25, 2007
this is a very funny one. you gotta see this. They talked about this one for years.
April 21, 2007
le genre de film que TQS cherie avec grace
April 16, 2007
Again I liked the tv show and thought the movie version sucked.
January 17, 2007
The Original Series Was a whole lot better
December 22, 2006
Dr.Cox from 'Scrubs'?
½ December 10, 2006
Waste of TIME!! Very Weak movie, DO NOT WATCH, if you do end up watching it, side effects may include: Suicide, murder ramapages, road ramapage, any kinds of ways of harming yourself, and many others...
½ September 27, 2006
Car 54 Where The FUCK Are You LOL
August 12, 2006
i have never seen the whole movie
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