Cardboard Boxer Reviews

December 11, 2016
Delivering a fully committed, moving performance, Thomas Haden Church makes you pay attention to a figure you would otherwise pass by without a second thought.
September 29, 2016
You should always be suspicious of homeless dramas that star Oscar-nominated Hollywood actors.
September 29, 2016
Disparate elements aren't enough to render Cardboard Boxer two films in one, but one film with a decisive and deep schism within.
September 17, 2016
Cardboard Boxer is an underdog fighter that, despite its considerate and often good performances, often finds its punches pulled. It's a shame, too, because it could've been a knockout.
September 15, 2016
Emotionally powerful, unsentimental drama of a homeless man in downtown L.A., built around a subtle and heartbreaking performance by Thomas Haden Church.
September 15, 2016
Gritty authenticity goes up against cloying pathos - with the latter unfortunately emerging victorious - in the skid row drama "Cardboard Boxer."
September 15, 2016
Mr. Lee, straining, ends up delivering a sentimentalism that undermines Mr. Church's performance and this film's promise.
September 14, 2016
By emphasizing the uglier aspects of his most complex character, Lee turns an otherwise down-to-earth slice-of-life drama into an unconvincing morality play.