Carmen Jones Reviews

June 20, 2018
As a play with music by Bizet one can forget that he and Mr. Hammerstein have taken a liberty with one of one's earliest memories, and after seeing it one must try to forget that, truth to tell, their Carmen Jones is really much better than Carmen.
December 17, 2013
If you're not a fan of opera, you probably won't care much for 'Carmen Jones,' despite some pretty solid acting and scenes that bring postwar America to life.
July 14, 2010
Dorothy Dandridge became the very first black woman to receive Best Actress Oscar nomination for Otto Preimger's audacious (for the early 1950s) all-black musical of the famous opera.
October 1, 2009
A film in which talented, attractive people sing ugly lyrics to beautiful music in other people's beautiful voices amid ugly shot framing and ill-timed cutting.
January 27, 2008
Electric performance by Dorothy Dandridge as the sultry whorish Carmen Jones.
October 23, 2007
Preminger's heavy-handed adaptation of a Broadway triumph combines gorgeous music with risible lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II; the project is saved by a terrific cast.
October 23, 2007
Otto Preminger has transferred it to the screen with taste and imagination in an opulent production.
October 23, 2007
Impeccably liberal in its time, the film has not aged gracefully, although Dorothy Dandridge's performance in the lead remains a testimony to a black cinema that might have been.
February 10, 2007
The best reason to revisit Carmen Jones lies in Dorothy Dandridge's electrifying performance, which saw her become the first African-American to be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar.
February 10, 2007
Every frame, you feel, is freighted with the tension imposed by the never-appearing white folks. It was, however, laudable in its desire to showcase the talents of African-American performers who were denied opportunities in Hollywood.
February 9, 2007
Woefully miscast in places and extremely dubious in its portrayal of African-Americans but does boast an on-form Dorothy Dandridge.
April 6, 2006
Slinking through director Preminger's CinemaScope widescreen in slit skirts and tight blouses, Dandridge is naturally carnal the way summer is naturally warm.
Top Critic
February 9, 2006
The somewhat heavy-handed direction and the ultimately two-dimensional characters leave you admiring the workmanship without plucking at the necessary emotional/romantic heart-strings.
March 17, 2005
The results are certainly flawed, but rarely less than fascinating.
September 18, 2003
A truly dreadful film. Preminger can't be faulted for ambition, but for once, his execution is sorely lacking.
May 20, 2003
A crazy mixed-up film.
March 30, 2003
Worth seeing for Danridge's sultry, sweet performance.
October 23, 2002
Interesting Preminger experiment. Modernizing with an all-black cast highlighted by Dandridge and Belafonte is first-rate.
July 30, 2002
While the embarrassment of talent onscreen is a joy to watch, I can't help be overwhelmed and a little saddened thinking how much of that talent went ignored by Hollywood most of the time.